Colleton County, South Carolina Demographics

Colleton County, South Carolina Demographics

Colleton County, South Carolina is located in the southeastern part of the state, with a population of 38,892 as of 2019. The county covers an area of 801 square miles and is bordered by Jasper County to the north, Beaufort County to the east, Dorchester County to the south and Hampton County to the west.

The geography of Colleton County is diverse and varied. To the north lies a mountainous region with rolling hills and evergreen trees providing a picturesque landscape. To the south lies an expansive marshland that is home to numerous species of wildlife such as bald eagles, alligators, ospreys and herons. In between these two regions lie rural farmlands and lush forests where visitors can find plenty of outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing and hunting.

The climate in Colleton County is mild throughout much of the year with temperatures rarely dropping below freezing in winter or above ninety degrees in summer. The county receives an average amount of rainfall each year which helps keep its vegetation green and lush all year round.

Colleton County has a rich history that dates back to pre-colonial times when it was inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Cusabo Indians who lived in small villages along rivers like Edisto River and Combahee River. As settlers began arriving from Europe during colonial times much of this land was divided up into large plantations that were worked by African slaves brought over from Africa during this period.

Today, Colleton County has a diverse population consisting mainly of African Americans who make up around sixty-five percent of its population with whites at twenty-five percent and other ethnic groups making up around ten percent. The county’s economy mainly consists of farming activities such as cotton production but there are also some manufacturing jobs available in nearby towns like Walterboro which serves as its county seat.

Colleton County provides visitors with plenty to do throughout its wide expanse ranging from outdoor activities like camping or hunting to exploring historical sites such as Edisto Island State Park or Old Sheldon Church Ruins which date back centuries ago when South Carolina was still under British rule. With its mild climate, diverse geography and rich history there’s something for everyone here in Colleton County.

Colleton County, South Carolina

Economy of Colleton County, South Carolina

Colleton County, South Carolina is home to a diverse and vibrant economy. The county has a strong agricultural base, with crops such as cotton, soybeans, corn and tobacco being harvested in abundance. Additionally, Colleton County is home to thriving industries such as timber production and manufacturing of wood products. The county also boasts a strong tourism industry thanks to its coastal location and access to local attractions such as the ACE Basin National Estuarine Research Reserve and Edisto Beach State Park.

The service sector is also an important part of the county’s economy, with healthcare being the largest employer in Colleton County. Other major employers include retail outlets, financial institutions and educational institutions. The county also benefits from its proximity to major cities such as Charleston and Savannah which provide additional economic opportunities for residents. In addition, the military presence in nearby Beaufort provides additional economic stability for the region.

Colleton County has a diversified and growing economy that offers many opportunities for residents and businesses alike. It is home to a variety of industries that provide both jobs and economic growth for the region. With its rich agricultural history, access to nearby cities and attractions, plus its military presence in nearby Beaufort, Colleton County is well-positioned for continued success in the years ahead.

Libraries in Colleton County, South Carolina

According to babyinger, Colleton County, South Carolina is home to a number of libraries that provide educational and recreational resources to the community. The county boasts two main public libraries: the Colleton County Public Library and the Walterboro Public Library. The Colleton County Public Library, located in Walterboro, offers a wide range of materials including books, magazines, audio recordings, videos and computer software. Additionally, the library has a variety of programs for children and adults such as story times, book clubs and computer classes.

The Walterboro Public Library is another great resource for residents of Colleton County. It offers a wide selection of materials including books, magazines, audio recordings and videos. Additionally, the library provides access to computers with internet access as well as a variety of programs for children such as story times and book clubs.

In addition to these two main public libraries in Colleton County, there are several small branch libraries located throughout the county that offer limited materials but still provide valuable resources to their communities. These include Edisto Branch Library in Edisto Beach; Levy Branch Library in Smoaks; Ruffin Branch Library in Ruffin; Varnville Branch Library in Varnville; and Islandton Branch Library in Islandton.

residents of Colleton County are fortunate to have access to several libraries that provide educational opportunities as well as recreational activities for all ages. From traditional materials such as books and magazines to technology-based resources like computers with internet access or video games consoles – these libraries offer something for everyone.

Landmarks in Colleton County, South Carolina

According to A2zdirectory, Colleton County, South Carolina is home to a number of iconic landmarks that draw visitors from all over the world. From historic sites to natural wonders, Colleton County has something for everyone.

The Old Sheldon Church Ruins are one of the most popular attractions in Colleton County. This 18th-century church was burned by British forces during the Revolutionary War and only the brick walls remain standing today. The ruins are a reminder of our nation’s history and serve as a popular tourist attraction for visitors to explore and enjoy.

The Edisto Beach State Park is another popular landmark in Colleton County. This park offers miles of unspoiled coastline, sand dunes, marshlands and maritime forests for visitors to explore. It is also home to a variety of wildlife including alligators, turtles, fish and birds making it a great spot for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge is another must-see landmark in Colleton County. This refuge protects nearly 400,000 acres of land along the coast between Charleston and Savannah with wetlands, forests, marshes and beaches making it an ideal spot for bird watching or just enjoying nature’s beauty.

Finally, no visit to Colleton County would be complete without stopping by the historic town of Walterboro. Founded in 1783 this charming town boasts numerous historic sites such as the Old Jail Museum which was built in 1820 or the Thomas Lamboll House which was constructed in 1790 as well as many other attractions that will delight any visitor.

Colleton County offers a variety of iconic landmarks that will please any traveler whether they are looking for history or nature. From historic sites like Old Sheldon Church Ruins to natural wonders like ACE Basin National Wildlife Refuge – there’s something here for everyone.

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