Copiah County, Mississippi Demographics

Copiah County, Mississippi Demographics

Copiah County, Mississippi is situated in the center of the state and covers an area of 617 square miles. It is bordered by Lincoln County to the north, Lawrence County to the east, Simpson County to the south, and Franklin and Adams Counties to the west. The terrain is mostly flat with some rolling hills in the northern part of the county. The major waterway in Copiah County is a tributary of Pearl River which runs through its center.

The climate in Copiah County is classified as humid subtropical with hot summers and mild winters. Average summer temperatures range from 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit while winter temperatures range from 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit. The average annual precipitation for Copiah County is 56 inches with most rain falling between April and August.

According to 2016 Census estimates, there are 29,074 people living in Copiah County with a population density of 47 people per square mile. The largest city in Copiah County is Hazlehurst with a population of 4,569. Other cities include Wesson (2,632), Georgetown (1,854), Crystal Springs (1,743) and Beauregard (1,277).

The racial makeup of Copiah County is 77% White non-Hispanic; 20% African American; 1% Hispanic or Latino; 0.7% Asian; 0.3% Native American; 0.2% Pacific Islander; 0.6% other races; and 2% two or more races combined. The median household income for residents of Copiah County was $37,207 as of 2017 according to census data – lower than both state ($45,919) and national ($60,336) averages for that year.

Copiah County, Mississippi

Economy of Copiah County, Mississippi

The economy of Copiah County, Mississippi is largely agricultural with the majority of its population employed in farming or related industries. The major crops grown in the county are cotton, corn, soybeans, and wheat. Copiah County is also known for its timber industry which has provided employment for many people over the years.

In addition to agriculture and timber, there are several other industries that provide jobs to residents of Copiah County. These include manufacturing, healthcare and social assistance, retail trade, construction and transportation. The largest employers in the county are Baptist Medical Center-Copiah (1,100 employees), Walmart (800 employees), Wesson Attendance Center (400 employees) and Hazlehurst City Schools (400 employees).

Copiah County also has a number of smaller businesses that contribute to the local economy. These include restaurants, convenience stores, automotive repair shops, gas stations, and more. Additionally, there are many small-scale farmers in the area who grow a variety of crops such as fruits and vegetables for sale in local markets.

The county is served by two major highways: US Highway 51 and Mississippi Highway 28. Both highways provide access to Jackson, the state capital located approximately 40 miles away. There is also an airport in Hazlehurst which serves as a hub for air transportation and freight services.

Copiah County has a strong agricultural base which provides employment for many of its residents. The county also benefits from its proximity to Jackson which provides access to additional job opportunities as well as other services such as healthcare and education. With its diverse economy and growing population, Copiah County is an attractive destination for those looking to move to Mississippi.

Copiah County has a thriving tourism industry with visitors coming from all over the country to explore its many attractions. Attractions include the Copiah County Courthouse, historic sites such as the Hazlehurst Depot and the Wesson Depot, and various outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. There is also a vibrant cultural scene with several local museums, galleries, and theaters.

The Copiah County Chamber of Commerce works to promote economic development in the county by providing resources to businesses and entrepreneurs. They also work to attract new businesses to the area by providing incentives such as tax breaks and access to capital. The Chamber also hosts several events throughout the year including job fairs, business expositions, educational workshops, and networking opportunities.

The economy of Copiah County is largely driven by agriculture but there are other industries that contribute significantly to its growth as well. With its diverse economic base, Copiah County offers residents a variety of employment opportunities while still maintaining its rural character.

Libraries in Copiah County, Mississippi

According to babyinger, Copiah County, Mississippi is home to several libraries that serve the local community and provide access to a wide range of books, magazines, newspapers, and other media. The Copiah County Library System consists of five branches located in Hazlehurst, Crystal Springs, Wesson, Georgetown, and Gallman. Each library offers a variety of services such as computer access with internet connection, children’s programs, book clubs and story times. They also host special events such as author visits and book signings.

The main branch of the Copiah County Library System is located in Hazlehurst and serves as the central hub for all activities related to library services. It houses a large collection of books for adults and children including bestsellers and classics. It also provides access to magazines and newspapers from around the world as well as digital media such as e-books and audiobooks. In addition to its regular collection, the Hazlehurst branch also has an extensive genealogy collection which includes records from local churches, cemeteries, census data and more.

The other branches in Copiah County offer similar services but on a smaller scale. The Crystal Springs branch is known for its large selection of children’s books while the Wesson branch specializes in genealogy resources. The Georgetown branch is popular among students due to its proximity to Co-Lin Community College while the Gallman branch is a great place for business professionals with its selection of business-related materials.

In addition to traditional library services such as borrowing books or using computers with internet access, all five branches offer other activities such as movie nights or educational programs like robotics classes or art classes for kids. They also host various events throughout the year including author visits or lectures by guest speakers on topics related to literature or history.

The libraries in Copiah County provide residents with access to knowledge while facilitating learning opportunities for all ages through events like movie nights or educational classes. They are an invaluable resource for those seeking knowledge or entertainment while helping build strong communities by connecting readers through programs like book clubs or story times.

Landmarks in Copiah County, Mississippi

According to A2zdirectory, one of the most prominent landmarks in Copiah County is the historic Crystal Springs Depot. Constructed in 1858, the depot was once part of the old Mobile and Ohio Railroad line. The depot is now a museum and serves as a reminder of the days when trains were a major mode of transportation in Copiah County. The depot has been restored to its original condition and is open for visitors to explore. It features artifacts from its past, such as old timetables, railroad lanterns, and other artifacts related to railroading.

Another popular landmark in Copiah County is the Hazlehurst City Hall building. This building was built in 1891 by local businessman Mr. J.L Hazlehurst and served as a city hall until 1975 when it was renovated and became a museum showcasing local historical artifacts from the region’s past. Today, visitors can explore this building and view its original architecture while learning about its history through interactive displays and exhibits. The Hazlehurst City Hall also hosts special events throughout the year such as art shows, music festivals, plays, and more.

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