Coram, Montana Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Coram, Montana Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to Babyinger, Coram, Montana is surrounded by several small towns and cities with a variety of attractions. To the north lies the town of Whitefish, home to some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the state. Whitefish also boasts an impressive selection of restaurants, bars and shops that make it a great destination for visitors year-round. To the east lies Kalispell, a larger city with plenty to offer. Kalispell is home to The Museum at Central School, a vibrant arts community and plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, biking and fishing. Heading south from Coram you’ll find Columbia Falls, a charming town known for its many antique stores. Columbia Falls also offers access to Glacier National Park as well as Flathead Lake, one of Montana’s largest bodies of water. Finally, just west of Coram lies Bigfork, an eclectic little village situated on Flathead Lake’s shoreline. Bigfork is known for its diverse culinary scene as well as its array of art galleries and live music venues. All in all, these towns provide Coram residents with plenty of opportunities for entertainment and exploration year-round.

Coram, Montana

Population of Coram, Montana

According to best-medical-schools, Coram, Montana is a small town located in Flathead County, with a population of just over 1,000 people. The town has seen steady growth in recent years, with the population increasing by nearly 9% since 2010. Coram is primarily a rural community and the majority of residents work in agriculture-related fields such as farming and ranching. However, more and more people are moving to Coram for its small-town charm and close proximity to larger cities like Whitefish, Kalispell and Columbia Falls.

The majority of Coram’s population is white (93%) followed by Native American (3%), Hispanic/Latino (2%), Asian (1%) and Black/African American (less than 1%). The median age in Coram is 42 years old, slightly higher than the state average of 39 years old. The median household income is $44,000 which is lower than both the state average ($55,000) and national average ($60,000).

Coram is home to several churches representing various denominations including Catholic, Baptist and Lutheran. It also has an elementary school which serves students from kindergarten through eighth grade. Residents enjoy easy access to nearby towns for shopping and entertainment as well as outdoor activities like hiking trails in nearby Glacier National Park or fishing on Flathead Lake. All these factors make Coram an attractive place to live for those looking for a relaxed lifestyle close to nature.

Schools and Education of Coram, Montana

Coram, Montana is served by the Whitefish School District, which includes one elementary school and one high school. The elementary school serves students from kindergarten through eighth grade, providing a well-rounded education that incorporates both traditional academics as well as art and music classes. The high school offers a comprehensive curriculum including core classes such as English, math, science and history as well as more specialized courses like business and technology.

The district also provides several extracurricular activities for students to participate in such as sports teams, clubs and other organizations. This allows students to explore their interests outside of the classroom and develop important skills like teamwork and collaboration. In addition, the district offers several programs to help struggling students get back on track academically or provide enrichment opportunities for those who are advanced learners.

For those who wish to pursue higher education after high school, there are several nearby colleges within an hour’s drive of Coram including Flathead Valley Community College in Kalispell and The University of Montana in Missoula. These schools offer a variety of degree programs ranging from two-year associate degrees to four-year bachelor’s degrees. Overall, Coram provides its residents with quality educational opportunities at all levels of learning from kindergarten through college.

Landmarks in Coram, Montana

Coram, Montana is a small town located in the Flathead Valley with a population of around 1000 people. It is known for its natural beauty and offers many scenic landmarks for visitors to enjoy. The most iconic landmark in Coram is the historic Coram Railroad Depot which was built in 1909 and served as a hub for the Great Northern Railway. The depot has been restored and now serves as a museum dedicated to the area’s history.

The Flathead River runs through Coram and provides several opportunities for outdoor recreation such as fishing, kayaking, and swimming. There are also several trails that wind through nearby Glacier National Park which offer breathtaking views of the valley below.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is another notable landmark in Coram, with its stunning white spire visible from many parts of town. The church was built in 1907 and still serves as an important part of the community today.

Finally, there are several parks located throughout Coram including Centennial Park which features an outdoor amphitheater, playgrounds, picnic areas, basketball courts, and more. This park is popular among locals who come to enjoy its peaceful atmosphere while taking in views of the surrounding mountains. All these landmarks make Coram a great place to visit or live for those looking to experience Montana’s natural beauty up close.

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