CSULB Study Abroad

CSULB Study Abroad

Cal State Long Beach!

I’ve always wanted to spend a semester abroad in the USA; but which university and, above all, which location suit me best? In search of the perfect university, I came across California State University Long Beach: sunny weather, beach, palm trees and much more. Appearances are not deceptive! In the following I would like to tell you about my unforgettable impressions and experiences.

The application process

The application to the university was quick and smooth. With the help of CSULB, I was able to quickly submit the necessary forms. The acceptance came just two weeks after I had sent the documents. Mentally the adventure started for me from that point on. The excitement was huge! According to abbreviationfinder, CSULB stands for California State University at Long Beach.

The accommodation search

This part of the preparation was super nerve-wracking. In various Facebook groups I looked for a room near the university; unsuccessful. I have written to an infinite number of people who have offered a room, but the demand was simply too great. My tip to you: don’t just look in the popular apartments (Beverly Plaza, Park Avenue and Alvista). There are a number of apartment complexes on Park Ave, which are less “famous” but still have excellent locations. A week before I left I found a room in an apartment on Park Ave right next to Traffic Circle. I only had to pay $ 450 a month for a shared room. For the conditions in Long Beach it was a real bargain!

The courses at Cal State

I attended a total of four courses at CSULB: Hollywood and Race (American Studies), Public Speaking, American Language Advanced II, and Intro to Acting. All of the courses were incredibly interesting. I especially recommend the lecture on “Hollywood and Race” by Prof Gomer to English students. Not only is the topic great and diverse, but also Prof Gomer’s teaching methods. Due to the local proximity to the most famous film industry in the world, content is offered that is hardly accessible in Germany.

Since a lot of students from Germany decide to spend a semester at the CSULB, many have complained that it is difficult to establish contact with the locals. That is why I recommend you to choose the ” Intro to Acting ” course. Very few people will be able to have this course credited to their home university, but the course offers a number of opportunities to make American friends and, accordingly, to actually speak. For this reason, the course was very helpful to me.

Leisure and excursion possibilities

During your time in Long Beach, you will have endless recreational opportunities! The location is just ideal if you want to see a lot. A trip to Los Angeles takes an average of 45 minutes. LA alone has so many beautiful places that you can and should express. My favorites were definitely Malibu and Santa Monica. Every beach here is unique.

If you use your time well and find a great tour group, you will have the best time of your life. Together with three friends we visited New York, Hawaii and Miami over Thanksgiving. It was amazing! I can especially recommend Hawaii to everyone! Get together in good time and look for good offers. He who seeks finds.

University events at CSULB take place almost exclusively Monday through Thursday. Accordingly, the long weekend can be used very well. We used them to see cities like San Diego, San Francisco, and Las Vegas. National parks shouldn’t be neglected either!

The do’s and don’ts


  • In-n-Out Burger: an absolute must! Some say it isn’t delicious, but true burger lovers won’t regret it
  • Travel: It is expensive, but if you take care of it in time, you will find your way!
  • “Intro to Acting”; uses university offers to make friends with locals; Sure, credit for achievement at your home university is promising, but the opportunity to attend these courses and actually get to know the American lifestyle is unique


  • Stay at home! Make use of every day you have because there are way too many things to do and places to visit.

CSULB Study Abroad

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