DIY: Make Gradient Itself. Or: Why You Don’t Should Turn The Hair.

After I had repeatedly raved gradients whatsoever, I was apparently last week in a kind of trance state, when I mindlessly to the peroxide mush a pack at DM. To conjure up so a little history in the hair, can be finally not so hard. And anyway, didn’t have the right salons now Yes now also practicing so much time, there are ’ s somehow in the form not so long.

Thought, done. Every few minutes go a bit higher with the color finished. Within 20 minutes, my dark brown hair at the tips had in Golden blonde turns. Otherwise I saw actually no big difference. A bathroom light bulb was missing, but good. Blond is can be seen Yes nevertheless.

I waited so good a little, washed the soup down and if my optical transformation was quite euphoric – the hormones of happiness had clouded my brain apparently properly. The next tomorrow then the realization: no, I don’t like. What went wrong this is no history, that’s below blond, top Brown. Today, when I tried a few dresses for my little trip to New York, Sarah lifted off me dutifully from the side. The scare on my part was great, because now even no super idea is to tie the hair in a bun along. Looks like I would have provided me with an artificial tail, right?

And now? What should I do now? Does a hairstyle-a proposal for a send event in this city, where no one sleeps may anyone?



Knit Jones: Flying with Babes

Knit Jones: Flying with Babes