No longer need to spend a ton of money at the beauty parlor to have the coloring effect that both want. See the tips we have for you and dye your hair at home.

Before you dye your hair at home was synonymous with disaster, currently homemade inks are easy, safe, and the result can be perfect. Just take into account some elements and get a professional result without leaving home and wait endlessly at the hairdresser.

First take into account the history of your hair and the effect you want to achieve. There are different types of paint depending on the history of each hair that depend on factors such as: whether the hair is Virgin, if has smoothed down, if it is damaged, only if you want to get rid of the gray hairs or if you want to retrieve a coloring which didn’t work. The result will only be natural and flawless use appropriate paint. Tip: when buying the paint ask the employees at the store and read the labels to make sure you’re making the right choice for your hair and goal. Yes, read the labels and directions for use it is essential so that the process runs on wheels, and avoiding that regret for ever having painted the hair at home. Each type of paint and each brand have different application forms.

Cover whites is the main goal: then opt for a permanent ink that absorbs and retains better wire color. The downside? Root touch-up is required, after 20 or 30 days and as contains ammonia and other chemicals more aggressive dries out the hair and it is appropriate to make an assessment of the compatibility of the wires before painting. The second tip you have to give is: If you want to change the color you choose always for a lighter tint. If, perchance you don’t like the result is always easier to cover your hair with a darker tone. In either case, should reflect on the treatments to which I subjected the hair. For example, if the hair chemicals (such as other paints applied) it is preferable to invest in tints, coatings that do not change the color of the wire in your entire structure, just cover with pigments. The Ink toner at, for being less aggressive and doesn’t contain ammonia, is not permanent but is compatible with most of the remaining chemicals. And don’t forget that bulky and longer hair may require more than one package.

Do You Want to Dye Your Hair at Home? Learn How to Do It