Dublin Business School Student Review

Dublin Business School Student Review

After I did not have satisfactory advice at my own university and did not give a suitable partner university for me, I found out about your website from fellow students who had the same problem. Your website has many different universities to choose from.

The application process is very easy because you can see at a glance what you need for a successful application. These documents are then checked and possibly corrected and then forwarded to the university.

The English course offered was good in that you got used to the fact that everything is now in English. But you haven’t really learned anything that you haven’t known or heard before.

The introductory week was also a little strange. You met on Monday and you got your student ID card and you were told how the semester / academic year was going and you got an introductory booklet with useful things in it, such as doctors, accommodation and things about the DBS. The rest of the week was off.

Another nice thing about the DBS was that it offered various types of excursions that you could sign up for. With a few exceptions, these were also free. The DBS also organized student parties.

Study conditions:

The study conditions at the DBS are generally very good. The DBS cannot be described as a coherent campus that the DBS has distributed across many different locations in the city. However, all of these can be easily reached without walking for a long time. Furthermore, the DBS is very centrally located, it’s easy to get to Temple Bar and the city center.

The DBS has two libraries that are more or less well equipped. Depending on what you are studying and what kind of books you need, you unfortunately only have older copies, which in some cases is not helpful due to many changes, for example in accounting. There are several PCs available that can be used free of charge. There are also many study places in the library where you can study in peace. Group rooms can also be reserved for group work.

You usually get an answer to questions that arise very quickly. Some of the lectures I attended were very full, only one was with a group of around 30 people.

Course content:

The course content at the DBS is all designed for one year. For this reason, I was only able to take half of the course, as I was only there for one semester.
What I was a bit afraid of in advance was that I would not be able to follow the lectures well because I was no longer so fit in the English language. After the first day, however, this fear was quickly followed, because you are sitting in the lectures with a large number of other students who are also not English as their mother tongue. The lecturers take this into account and often ask whether this was understandable for everyone or whether something is still open.

The course content is therefore conveyed very well. A method that is widely used to carry out tasks or to answer questions is group work. In most of the subjects there was not a lecture where no group work was done.
My exams all consisted of written work done in groups. The group size was limited to five members. These written elaborations consisted of a “main part” which was always limited to 3500 words for me. The lecturers then wanted to have an “appendix”, where everything is described and listed again in great detail, so that a group work can be around 150 to 200 pages long.


Compared to most major German cities, Dublin is very familiar. The people there are very helpful and friendly. But you are also warned from the start against walking alone through the city in the evening.
There are many ways to spend your free time. In the evening there are many pubs and clubs available, so that you have a large selection and you don’t always see the same thing. During the day you have the opportunity to stroll and shop on the two large shopping streets (Grafton Street and Henry Street). Furthermore, you have a large cultural program to choose from. The Tourism Office gives you the opportunity to explore the most famous locations in Ireland (e.g. Cliffs of Moher, Belfast). But you can also rent a car and explore the beautiful country on your own.


The cost of living in Dublin is a lot more expensive compared to the German prices.
The best and cheapest places to shop in Dublin are the German supermarket chains Aldi and Lidl. There you can get Irish things but also German products if you want. The Spar and Centra supermarkets are very expensive in comparison.


The semester abroad helped me a lot to improve and refresh my English skills. You got to know a lot of interesting people.
I would recommend everyone to take the chance of a semester abroad.

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