East Dennis, Massachusetts Population, Schools and Places of Interest

East Dennis, Massachusetts Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to NecessaryHome, East Dennis, Massachusetts is a beautiful and historic town located in Barnstable County. It is bordered by the towns of Harwich to the north, Yarmouth to the east, Brewster to the south, and Orleans to the west. The town was originally part of Yarmouth before it was incorporated in 1793.

The town of East Dennis has a population of 4,716 people as of 2020 and has an area of approximately 8.8 square miles. The town is home to several beaches including Mayflower Beach on Cape Cod Bay, Sea Street Beach on Nantucket Sound, and Glendon’s Beach on Bass River. There are also several ponds located within East Dennis such as Long Pond and Swan Pond which offer great opportunities for fishing and other recreational activities.

The town center is located around Route 6A which runs through East Dennis from east to west. It features a variety of shops and restaurants that offer something for everyone including antiques stores, specialty boutiques, ice cream parlors, pubs, cafes, bakeries and more. The area also hosts local events throughout the year such as art shows or farmers markets at various times during the summer months.

East Dennis is home to several historical sites such as the East Dennis Historical Society which houses artifacts from over 300 years ago when this area was first settled by Europeans. Other points of interest include several churches from different denominations dating back centuries such as St Peter’s Episcopal Church or First Congregational Church among others.

The town also features two golf courses- Captains Golf Course located in South Yarmouth near Sea Street Beach and Dennis Pines Golf Course which offers stunning views overlooking Bass River. There are also numerous parks throughout East Dennis where visitors can enjoy camping or picnicking during their stay here in this beautiful corner of Massachusetts.

Population of East Dennis, Massachusetts

According to existingcountries, East Dennis, Massachusetts is a charming and historic town with a population of 4,716 people as of 2020. The town is made up of a diverse mix of individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds. The majority of the population is Caucasian, followed by African-American, Asian American, Hispanic, and other minority groups.

The median age in East Dennis is 47.5 years old which is slightly higher than the national average. The town has an even split between males and females with 50% being male and 50% being female. The median household income in East Dennis is $73,842 which is higher than the national average and reflects the high quality of life that many residents enjoy here in this beautiful corner of Massachusetts.

The town also boasts a highly educated population with 40% having attained a Bachelor’s degree or higher while only 8% have less than a high school diploma. This educational attainment level reflects the commitment to education that many residents have in this community as well as the access to quality schools within Barnstable County.

East Dennis also has a large senior population with nearly 20% over the age of 65 who are typically retired or semi-retired but still remain active within the local community through volunteering or attending local events such as farmers markets or art shows throughout the year.

East Dennis provides an ideal environment for those seeking to live in a beautiful historic town surrounded by natural beauty yet still close enough to larger cities like Boston for easy access to modern amenities and job opportunities.

East Dennis, Massachusetts

Schools and education of East Dennis, Massachusetts

East Dennis, Massachusetts is home to some of the best schools and education in the area. The town is served by the Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District which encompasses all of East Dennis as well as several other towns in the area. This district boasts some of the highest test scores in the state and has been consistently ranked among the top districts in the country for many years now.

The district offers a comprehensive K-12 education with students receiving a rigorous curriculum that prepares them for college and beyond. The district also offers specialized programs such as Advanced Placement courses, honors classes, foreign language instruction, and gifted and talented educational programs.

In addition to public schools, East Dennis is also home to several private schools including St. Mary’s School which provides a faith-based education for students from Pre-K through 8th grade as well as Cape Cod Academy which offers an independent college preparatory program for grades 9-12.

For those seeking higher education opportunities, East Dennis is located near several colleges and universities including Cape Cod Community College, The University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Harvard University Extension School, and Boston College School of Law. These institutions provide an array of degree programs ranging from associate’s degrees to doctorates giving residents access to quality higher education right on their doorstep.

East Dennis provides an ideal environment for those seeking quality education both within public school systems or through private institutions or nearby colleges and universities. With its strong commitment to excellence in all areas of learning, this charming corner of Massachusetts is sure to provide an excellent educational experience for all.

Landmarks in East Dennis, Massachusetts

East Dennis, Massachusetts is home to some of the most beautiful and historic landmarks in the area. The town is dotted with quaint buildings and monuments that tell the story of its rich history. One of the most recognizable landmarks in East Dennis is the Old Man at Sea Statue which stands proudly in front of the town hall. This iconic statue was created by local artist John Ahearn and depicts a fisherman looking out to sea. It serves as a reminder of East Dennis’ maritime heritage and has become an important symbol for both locals and visitors alike.

Another popular landmark in East Dennis is the Captain’s House Museum located on Old Main Street. This beautifully preserved 18th century home was once owned by Captain Samuel Baker who served during the American Revolution. Today, it serves as a museum dedicated to preserving his legacy as well as showcasing artifacts from his life and times.

Other notable landmarks in East Dennis include St. Mary’s Church which dates back to 1790, The Mayflower Society Monument which commemorates those who arrived on the Mayflower, and The Joshua Sears Memorial Library which was built in 1803 as a memorial to former resident Joshua Sears who died at sea during his service in the US Navy during World War II.

Finally, no visit to East Dennis would be complete without taking a stroll along Scargo Lake where visitors can enjoy stunning views of Nantucket Sound or take part in various recreational activities such as boating or fishing.

Altogether, East Dennis is home to some truly remarkable landmarks that tell stories from its past while providing excellent opportunities for exploration and relaxation today.

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