eauty in the TEST Dove I Make You Beautiful Skin? The New Dove Dermaspa Line Is Here!

BYou knew that already: German women cream 5 minutes our body in the cut. After all, two minutes longer than our Dutch neighbours. Whether weekly or every day for 81 percent of the women heard body lotion to the fixed standard maintenance program to ensure. Although the face and hands so far still better at away come. Because if time is once again running, almost half (47 percent) of us most likely it would refrain apply a and would rather prefer the makeup and the hair style.

In almost all women feel after the little “quality time”-cream a session more beautiful and more comfortable in their Haut. Woher I again everything knows? From the Dove body love report of course, the Dove with over 1200 women from Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom implemented has, to make the connection between personal care, time for self and self-awareness to the bottom.

Body love report women feel after applying lotion to 82% in General better, healthier 75%, 69% more attractive, and 53% more confident

Loud. Strong numbers or?

And because it is, did Dove heart mission perfectly on us to vote on the mini briefly on the day that is created only for ourselves, there is now the new Dove dermaspa line: the “intensive pampering m³ – Spa care for dry skin”, the “Firming + – firmer skin already after the first application” and the “summer revival – natural soft Tan and well-cared for skin”. You know it already, all products are tailored to different skin types and needs.

Tried out: the scent can all products, if you close your eyes, really loose with the environment of a relaxing spa keep up: vanilla, coconut and musk, in combination with fresh citrus, as well as a mix of fruity and flowery notes, good fun and is luckily no bit intrusive. As a small straw, my Sun-stricken late summer skin slurps the slightly rising Hydra bombs on and greasy no bit.

Under the skin: without to pester you with too many details of this Spa powerhouses now – only briefly and almost as much: in each one of the products he new dermaspa line does the cell-moisturisers technology. This is a mix of 12-hydroxy stearic acid and skin care substances. The skin’s moisture Depot fills back up top and makes it soft and tender in the nu. In the deeper layers of the skin moisturising factors work to access the cell protection and an intact skin barrier under the arms.

Favorites: the “intensive pampering” series, which has my dry skin after so much sun there out there also sorely needed lately and feels also great on the skin. Also the “summer revival self-tanning body lotion”, which finally holds, what it promises, neither Orange nor Strip leaves, but is also perfectly suitable for my light skin: summer extension, check!

Conclusion: with the Dove dermaspa I must befriend me roller a bit in the haptic, the cooling roller-stick can get but so for two suddenly a very beautiful we-time effect as a back massage. The price for all the beautiful new products from the Dove premium line makes room for many more quality time activities: approx. € 3 times because between now and there’s the small mini-Spa pleasures now in the trade €8.

– in friendly cooperation with DOVE –