Emmons County, North Dakota Demographics

Emmons County, North Dakota Demographics

Emmons County is located in the south-central region of North Dakota. It is bordered by McIntosh and Logan Counties to the north, Burleigh and Kidder Counties to the east, Grant County to the south, and McLean County to the west. The county covers an area of 1,327 square miles, with a population of 4,890 people (as of 2019).

The geography of Emmons County is mostly flat and covered in prairies, with some areas featuring rolling hills. The county is drained by several rivers and streams including the Cannonball River, which runs through its northern part. It also has several small lakes including Lake Laretta and Lake Audubon.

Emmons County has a continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. Temperatures can reach up to 90°F in July while dropping down below 0°F in January. Average annual precipitation varies from 18 inches in the south-central part of the county to 25 inches in its northern part. Snowfall usually occurs between October and April with an average annual accumulation of 28 inches.

Most of Emmons County’s population lives in rural areas on farms or ranches. The largest town is Linton which had a population of 1,058 as of 2010 census. Other smaller towns include Strasburg (population 486) and Hazelton (population 247).

Emmons County, North Dakota

Economy of Emmons County, North Dakota

Emmons County’s economy is largely based on agriculture. The county is home to many farms and ranches, producing mainly wheat, corn, soybeans, sunflowers, alfalfa and other grains. It is the top producer of sunflowers in North Dakota. Livestock production also plays an important role in the local economy with cattle being the main species raised.

The manufacturing sector is another important contributor to the local economy. The largest employers include Linton’s Deere & Company plant which manufactures agricultural equipment; Strasburg’s Cargill Meat Solutions plant which processes beef and pork; and Hazleton’s Tyson Foods plant which processes poultry products.

Tourism also plays a significant role in Emmons County’s economy as it is home to several attractions including Lake Audubon National Wildlife Refuge, Cannonball Hills Golf Course, Fort Ransom State Park, and the historic towns of Linton and Strasburg. There are also several small businesses in Emmons County providing services such as retail stores, restaurants, gas stations and repair shops.

The unemployment rate in Emmons County has remained relatively low over the years due to its diverse economic base. As of 2019, it was at 3%, lower than both North Dakota’s average rate of 2.9% as well as the national average rate of 3.7%. This indicates that there are enough jobs available for most people who are willing to work hard for them.

Libraries in Emmons County, North Dakota

According to babyinger, Emmons County is home to several libraries that are committed to providing quality services and resources to the community. The main library in the county is located in Linton and is operated by the Emmons County Library System (ECLS). It offers a wide range of materials and resources, including books, periodicals, DVDs, audiobooks, ebooks, and online databases. The library also provides computer access for patrons and offers free Wi-Fi.

The ECLS operates two branch libraries in Strasburg and Hazelton. Both branches offer similar services as the main library but on a smaller scale. They provide books, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks, DVDs, and online databases for patrons to use. All three libraries provide free programs such as story time for children and book clubs for adults.

In addition to the ECLS libraries, there are several other public libraries throughout Emmons County that provide services to local communities. These include the Fort Ransom Public Library in Fort Ransom; the Little Heart Public Library in Little Heart; the New Leipzig Public Library in New Leipzig; and the Venturia Public Library in Venturia. Each of these have their own unique collections of books as well as computers with internet access available for patrons to use.

The libraries in Emmons County are important resources for residents who are looking for information or entertainment options at no cost. They also serve as gathering places where people can meet up with friends or attend educational events such as lectures or workshops. By providing access to books and other materials as well as hosting events, these libraries help promote literacy while strengthening community ties.

Landmarks in Emmons County, North Dakota

According to A2zdirectory, Emmons County, North Dakota is home to a number of historic landmarks that are worth exploring. One of the most iconic landmarks in the area is the Fort Ransom State Historic Site. Located in Fort Ransom, this site was originally a military fort established in 1867 and served as a supply depot until 1877. The fort has been preserved and visitors can explore the grounds, which include the original barracks, guardhouse, blacksmith shop, and powder magazine.

The Emmons County Courthouse is another important landmark in the county. Located in Linton, it was built in 1908 and features an impressive Beaux-Arts style architecture with elaborate stone carvings and detailed interior design elements. The courthouse is still used today for court proceedings and public meetings.

The Sheyenne River Valley Scenic Byway is another popular destination for tourists visiting Emmons County. This scenic byway winds along the Sheyenne River Valley from Lisbon to Valley City, offering stunning views of rolling hills and lush forests along its path. Along the route are several attractions such as historic sites, recreational areas, and nature preserves that make it a great place to explore nature or take a leisurely drive through the countryside.

The Linton Public Library is one of Emmons County’s most beloved landmarks. It was founded in 1898 by local residents who wanted to create a library for their community and has been serving patrons ever since with its collection of books as well as special events such as lectures and workshops. The library was also recently renovated with new additions such as meeting rooms, study spaces, computer labs, and an auditorium for special events or screenings of films or plays.

Emmons County has many other noteworthy landmarks that are worth visiting during your stay here including Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Strasburg; Venturia’s Little Heart Park; New Leipzig’s Historic Village; Fort Ransom’s Pioneer Cemetery; Hazelton’s Old Mill; Fort Ransom State Park; Wapheton Wildlife Area; Old Red Trail Museum near Linton; Strasburg Town Hall;and Hazelton Community Hall among many others. All these places offer unique experiences that will help you learn more about this beautiful region while creating unforgettable memories.

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