Everything You Want to Know About Botox Capillary

Meet the botox capillary, the darling of experts to moisturize damaged hair.

Yes, you read that right: capillary botox. Mania in the halls outside Brazil, the treatment lends only the procedure name. The idea is to fill damaged hair (with moisturizing substances which have nothing to do with the botulinum toxin) and uniform thickness, since, over time, the edges tend to be thinner than the root as well. And reduces frizz. That’s how we like it!

What is Capillary Botox?

It is a kind of reconstruction for damaged hair, more efficient than a common hydration. Not aims to straighten your hair if someone sell the treatment as well, in fact, be wary. Botox does not use capillary products considered dangerous, such as formaldehyde.

Everyone Can Do Botox Damp?

The hair stylist Silvana Lima, of Studio W Iguatemi, says the treatment is one of the most recommended for hair dryer and attacked by chemical hair straightener. You have lights, dyes or models the hair every day? Attention! “Very damaged hairs require more treatment than just a moisturizing with mask can offer,” Silvana. Good news: there is no contraindication, since the procedure does not take prohibited components by Anvisa.

How is the Treatment?

The procedure and the products used in botox can vary from salon for hair salon (remembering that the non-use of formaldehyde is rule, ok?). In Studio W, the Force Vector line, L’Oreal, is the most used. “Depending on the degree of damage, we launched a set of products. We can use Absolute Repair shampoo [also L’oreal] when the hair need moisture, but are not as brittle,” says Silvana. After washing, the hairs get the bulb Fiberceutic serum, which is applied strand the strand, with the aid of a syringe. There is also a mask to end reconstruction.

And the Results?

Don’t expect to leave the lounge with highlights of ad for shampoo. As there are a lot of moisturizing agents, the hairs are heavy looking. The actual result can only be felt after the first wash at home.