1 – The silicone prosthesis can even burst
2 – What is in a silicone prosthesis?
3 – If you do not tell, few people will know because it has no scar
4 – The postoperative period is very short
5 – They were created for patients with breast cancer

Popular, the silicone prosthesis is one of the accessories of modern aesthetic medicine that you will come to revolutionize the market. They came to help in the changes of mutilated bodies and give the woman a chance to reach normal look, but today are seen as the solution for those who always dreamed of having beautiful breasts but did not know how.

In the 1990s, silicone implants were withdrawn from the market fears that the placing on the body could cause disease. But after years of study, it was found that there was no relation between silicone breast implants and an increased occurrence of any systemic disease. In 2006, silicone breast implants were once again approved by the world health organization and can now be applied to people of almost all ages, but not before undergoing a medical evaluation. The following five things you may not know about silicone implants.

1 – The Same can Silicon Implant BurstĀ 

This is not a legend.

Understanding how it works

The rupture of a silicone prosthesis happens, but it’s not something that will burst or explode inside the woman’s body. Breast implants are not living devices and sooner or later it may rupture and the liquid to drain through your body internally.

What You Need to Know Before Surgery

An implant ruptured should always be removed and the person who is using it will know that it was broken, which is leaking. The first signal is the gradual loss of volume over time. But wait: read the word gradual. It’s nothing to go out in liters, but gradually in microscopic volume. If the break happens, it is necessary to remove and you can put another without any problem. But instances are rare and generally to prostheses for over 10 years.

2 – What is Inside a Silicon Implant?

Silicone Prosthesis

Many urban legends are told about what’s inside of a silicone prosthesis, which is made of silicone on the outside, but inside is only a saline solution, or water or silicone gel, which is water with a little silicone. An implant of this type is nothing but a flexible bag of liquid designed to mimic the look of natural breast tissue when inserted into the body in a medical procedure called mammoplasty.

Silicone Prosthesis Tips

There have been even silicon within the dentures and many rumors emerged that within the prosthesis the product could leak and kill patients. But nothing found and no more reports. Today there are two options today: silicone gel and weakly in solution and saline, and both are approved by the national health organization and used safely.

3 – If You Do not Count, Little People will Know Why Has Scar

The scar of a silicone prosthesis implantation surgery is located in intergluteal groove.

It is unnoticeable. You can only know it by the volume of the breasts, and look there that many people are deceived by such volume and seems to be so perfect that you can not know if it was real or not.

4 – Post Surgery is Very Short

Know Some Facts

Unlike other cosmetic surgery, the postoperative period is the shorter. It consists of just standing for two days and stay a week with a bandage. To sleep, you need to use a pillow and sleep just belly up. Not because the prosthesis will burst, just because the region is sensitive and glue or stitches can break. Nursing is basic but the patient can regain their normal life soon after. 10 days it is possible to return to normal active life, but without physical activities.

5 – They Were Created for Patients with Breast CancerĀ 

The real story of the silicone prosthesis is not to increase butt or breasts, it was to help women mutilated by breast cancer, which often causes the loss of part or the whole breast.

Silicone Prosthesis Tips

But like everything that makes the most beautiful woman in the medical field can be used for aesthetic means, eventually migrating to walketh not satisfied with your body. But still does not take away the merit of the great invention to help those who fought this disease with such fervor.

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Facts of Silicon Prosthesis