Fair Friday My 3 Favourite Cosmetic Brands

With cosmetics, it’s like with friendships, the good ones always remain, the less good ones are sorted out shortly after expiration date. Keep it exciting and fresh, variety may not be missing. That’s why I during the particularly dear won, by which time I time three cosmetics brands one and even prefer the other.

I cover the full range of non-decorative cosmetics with these three European companies: vegan, sustainable, without chemicals and without any problems in Germany available.

I pay attention to cosmetics with descending importance on the following: vegan and without animal testing, high-quality and sustainable ingredients, smell and texture, made in Europe, packaging design, corporate philosophy.

For Santaverde, i + m Berlin and lush cosmetics all these points are completely fulfilled and all products are also compatible for smaller budgets. I should perhaps add that I have no allergies, a normal dry combination skin and usually less perfumed creams & co. Prefer.

Good to know: all products are vegan, no animal testing and certified natural cosmetics. Santaverde sets the main substances instead of water on Aloe Vera, which is grown and processed on the company’s own Finca in Estepona. Aloe Vera has a regenerating, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing.

My favorite products:

Day cream “medium” toner “classic” oil “extra rich beauty Elixir”

Such as long’s: the day cream keeps for application in the morning and in the evening with me two months, toner for almost four months and the oil used once a week also three to four months.

Good to know: i + m manufactures its products certified as natural cosmetics in Berlin and that already since its foundation in 1978. Cream, toner, cleanser, moisturizing gel and shower gel and body lotion is everything vegan and cruelty-free and as fair as possible produces the ingredients. In addition to various charitable projects supported the label with an own Club women in Africa and has implemented the country’s first woman House in Zambia.

My favorite products:

From the phyto balance series balancing cream and the fluid equalize from the hydro perform series the cleansing milk (not suitable for waterproof mascara and persistent eye makeup) and the eye balm

Like long’s: the products hold conveniently similar for regular application and then allow a complete replacement of the series, what I find really pleasant. Cream and Equalizer hold barely two months when applied morning and evening. The cleanser I used only in the evening and came and also almost two months. When the eye balm I was somewhat careless and have’s used only three to four times a week, so that keeps more than three months.

Good to know: lush produces all products handmade in the UK and exported from there almost to the whole world (not to China!). From the outset, all products were vegetarian and non-animal tests and approximately 85% of the entire product range are now vegan. Lush is no natural cosmetics brand, but focuses on sustainability and the purchasing of fresh and as fair as possible produced ingredients. All packaging is made of recycled materials and almost 40% of the products come out without any packing.

My favorite products:

Almost all shower gels and shower creams, but especially yuzu cocoa (yellow), the comforter (pink) and don’t rain on my Parade (dark green) shower gels in slippery shake pudding consistency, with which the showers also likes morning exercise degenerate into (caution, some Duschjellys are not vegan) hand and body lotions ‘Dream Cream’ and ‘Karma Kream’ (very rich and especially great for the winter)

As long it keeps : Lush definitely does not belong to the low-cost cosmetic brands and is also getting a little gimmick and well-being, what does not detract from the quality of the products but for me. The shower gels in medium-sized hold about 1.5 months, which somewhat shorter or until you lose the nerves Jell-o for daily application. The body lotion I used in this form two to three times a week for about three months.

Did enjoy the creams, toners, soaps < 3 and betray me but still just: what comes to you in the bathroom Cabinet?