Fair Friday What We Need To Know About Micro Plastic

Not is you that consumption is always crazy? It deals increasingly with the many harmful substances and materials washed whim via food and cosmetics industries in our bodies or our environmental white you basically never, if you can buy a morning as (or better: want) as they are today. Because at any time, it may happen that a new scandal at the surface flushed because of intolerable conditions of production or difficult ingredients such as.

As a result (and depending on the clout of the message) ghosts terms such as ‘toxic’ “concern”, “demonstrably harmful”, “heritage well damaging”, “carcinogenic”, “harmful” or “environmentally damaging” in the media several days around… Until then after a short time the frequency of subsides and shortly thereafter enters oblivion. We, the nerve gekitzelte, overwhelmed and completely murderously consumer society, which regularly loses some of its open-minded members of the complete resignation, under task of any principles stay behind. And this time it is unfortunately not a piece better. May i present: the not entirely new, but topical once again in a study examined ingredient called micro plastic. For the suppleness of creams, for the best scrub experience, and for the extra poison in our everyday lives. My approach is there eyes on and through:


Code check and federal together both 2014 and 2016 over 100 000 cosmetics products on the german market investigated. In the foreground, the assessment of the development of micro plastic as ingredients, as well as the implementation of the announced voluntary waiver stood on plastic in products of various manufacturers. This has resulted not only in terms of own objectives of companies, but also regards the produced amount of micro plastic and the concerned kind of cosmetics sobering.

But what is micro plastic at all?

The science is all synthetic polymers, which are smaller than 5 mm micro plastic. Something easier said: micro plastic is particularly popular in the industry, because it is cheap and universal can be used, for example in the following areas: viscosity, binders, electrical charge (for hair products), emulsion stability and durability. A distinction between primary and secondary micro plastic. Primary micro plastic is also an ingredient in many cosmetic products the basic material for the general production of plastic and for some years. Secondary micro plastic, however, occurs when larger plastic parts in water and weather by wave movement and sunlight. Cheap alternatives to micro plastic that the organic industry already taking advantage, are sand, salts, corn, kibbled seeds, ground coconut shells, clay, chalk and cellulose why micro plastic is harmful?

To anticipate the question: no, it is not proved that micro plastic in the human body does harm. The effects of the mini particles in animals – including ulcers and infertility are what was already investigated. Is micro plastic actually harmful to the body? I don’t know it. But sometimes a counter question: we want to minimize not all risks for possibly devastating health problems? I thought so. What is certain is that micro plastic poses a serious problem for our animal – and environment. Likes 2.8 million plastic particles in our shower, and in the waste water by our consumption of scrubs, creams, make-up and co. Will get per product. The filtering systems of the wastewater treatment plant can completely filter out not all particles, so that everything can cheat themselves through enters our rivers and seas. In the water, micro plastic has then the unfavourable property to attract toxins like a magnet. If so, living things in the water confused the particles with food, get the toxins in the digestive tract of animals and there physiological damage. Also infertility is a possible consequence. In addition, that is plastic – and it was still so small – extremely slowly degrades (see graphic at the end of the article). So, micro plastic carries a risk for the people not only through the application of the products on the skin, but also through the consumption of marine animals. But what i think of the consumption of marine animals, may be now also clear, however, is another story.

Micro plastic reaches not only cosmetics, but as mentioned above by weathering, so in the form of secondary micro plastic in our oceans. Basically, the problem in the oceans affects our general use of plastic, which is reflected also in our bathroom products but it is partly so.

Synonyms for micro plastic

Similar to like palm oil or animal ingredients, there are a number of synonyms that make it very difficult one with a look even for the micro plastic on the summary poor harmless substances to distinguish. Who wants so equal times to make his bathroom on the head and micro plastic to look, find a list of the most common terms here:

Polyethylene (pe), polypropylene (pp) polyethylene terephthalate (pet) nylon-12 nylon-6 polyurethane (pur) acrylates copolymer (ac) acrylate crosspolymer (acs) poly methyl methacrylate (pmma) polyacrylate (pa) polystyrene (ps) polyquaternium (p)

How can i prevent micro plastic?

There is a two great free apps which a betrayed only by scanning the bar code, whether plastic is among the ingredients:

Code check app (analyzed bar codes of foods and cosmetics, provides information about micro plastic, animal ingredients, palm oil and toxic ingredients) beat the microbead (analyzed bar codes of beauty products and provides information on micro plastic)

On the other hand has greenpeace austria some time ago a list with brand and company name published, working with micro plastic as an ingredient. The complete list can be found here. Otherwise only the views in the summary and the comparison with the above listed synonyms for micro plastic remains.

I wish you much fun searching and scanning. Another important topic on cosmetic products is palm oil that you you detail here can inform, by the way. Even if it may seem sometimes first annoying and not at every purchase always super consistently applicable, one must not forget: once what to do is better than zero. Whatever piece for piece and mini steps suitable for you, then the thing runs as by alone < 3

In this article i am referring the published this week study on micro plastic in cosmetics of the federation in cooperation with the app code check on three sources, namely on the bund, greenpeace austria and above all.

Fotocredits collage and last image in the text: pinterest, seth doyle, kinarino.jp, kooye.com, kleiderkreisel.de