Fashion Valley of New Glasses and Vanities.

Unaided I’m a quite Mole, but at least one, whose Welt front perfect pore-free skin is full of only so, there are visually little sharp, for that much soft, quite so, as if it had a delicate peach filter about every friend, the landscape and also the mirror image of their own. Point one and two are practical, point three is fatal. It gave blackheads patch, which I initially to do knew I didn’t see Yes the extent of my nose mountain me as a hint, the Zaunfall already. A small curvature of the cornea there on it which also free up at my birth and overall that probably means that I more should dare better not step without lens or glass front of the eye, for respect for security (and also the aesthetic sensibilities) of my fellow man not alone. What sounds like a simple task – glasses buy, install, finish – proved during the last years a medium impossibility and, since I’m now simply times completely honest, blame for this was mainly my vanity, which I normally always claim she was a fairly inconspicuous plant.

But Pandey. The old Harry Potter nor the gilded model wanted to really get into my everyday life. I no longer like I felt me always as a disguised and stared at because of the conspicuous Brummer on the face and cooking while wearing. It’s different now (phased). Because I have new glasses called Paul, an almost transparent, which is still very visible, but somehow not at all annoying. And so banal and stupid this may sound now, but since I know that Rochelle is a very similar copy like my kitchen by the skate, uphill still a bit further with my bespectacled self-confidence. That can, and I’m his knowingly not alone, sometimes really a pile of angeknackstes misery. Furthermore I resent terrible by the way. For obvious reasons. Yet I have not found but a recipe against the vain malaise. Except: Habituation. This thicker eggs would need to grow at all the talk about self-love and attractive seems long ago much me.

But not anyway already par excellence is the Superduperbrillengesicht and maybe even forever, if it knows rather for 28 years without, then can a newcomer so be quite nicely incisive. Once in the positive sense of course (which again sees everything! And from so far away! And razor sharp!), but also in the strange. Inevitably very different looking with nunmal as without. Not better or worse, simply different, a bit smarter maybe, possibly but also easily reverse targeting, depending. You can like and to his own advantage, I accept this fact simply as inevitable, however, and I am now after all, so far, to spend whole days with my new friend, the glasses of YUN. For photos I’ll always still the vain mole who’s scared about, look like crap. Will I go out later, I reach about reflexively to contact lenses (which are however mostly lost) and if a visit to the Office announces itself, for example the one who looks like James Franco, then I push the glasses quite inconspicuously in hair and smile into the void, because I can see nothing more. It’s pretty weak by me. Where Paul is really so a pretty specimen of its species. Maybe just a little more time must I give us two, is better’s not. We read the newspaper together and in love Watch series. Sometime life is us so perhaps by alone roll over.

If you are in Berlin, holds his new YUN after 20 minutes in the hands of glasses of

P.S.:, A haargenauer eye test is included in the complete package – without this grandiose concept of the founder Jiyoon Yun I would not have dared the step to the glasses for convenience alone. Rosenstrasse same 11, 10119 Berlin.