Fat Girl Six Pack of Bliss: Effectiveness or Fad to Tone the Stomach

The cosmetic market also brings fads.

Just watch the nail polish, make-up palettes and even some types of specific products (such as CC cream, for example).

The universe of beauty is stirred with a product that is giving the talk. Is the Fat Girl Six Pack, the Bliss company, which became famous among Hollywood celebrities. The success was so much that even winning beauty award in the category “Bath and Boy Prestige” (Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Insiders’ 2013 Award).

This product is a gel that promises to strengthen the stomach and sculpt the body, eliminating cellulite. Its composition has: caffeine, oat seed extract, latex tree Manilkara extract, menthol and a special botanical extract.

The tip of the bottle has a massager (rubber) which, according to mark, was designed to target strategically those unwanted belly flab. And, for many, this is the new trend for losing love handles. The own brand indicates associate the use of exercise and healthy eating. The product costs about $ 38.00 in USA.

The beauty market often makes a lot of money on top of the illusion of people, who believe in easy and magical formulas to improve the appearance. No one doubts that this product can improve the appearance of the skin, the belly. But a gelzinho tone up the stomach? A gelzinho harden the belly? A gelzinho attack the region that is fat? A gelzinho more potent than exercise? Because, really, he does what it promises is almost a miracle.

Since ancient times, the power and the exercise presented themselves as the best combinations to solve problems of excess weight and fat. In some cases, the association of aesthetic treatments can also bring good results. But, no aesthetic treatment works in isolation. No moisturizer or gelzinho makes miracles. Including many reviews carried out that are claiming the skin with the appearance of firmer, but not truly invigorate.

Well, effectiveness or fad, just using to learn. And what do you think? Do you think that gel really work? Comment!