Filippa Hamilton, a Model of The 80 in The 21st Century

Today I bring a curious case that comes out of the typical models of this or Brazilian. It is of Filippa Hamilton, a French model of 23 years, which was considered one of the great promises within the French gateway but that decisions or coincidences has failed to materialize as expected.

One of the reasons was to become in exclusive image of Ralph Lauren, What deprived him do more parades and progressing as expected. Another cause, her beauty, without doubt, but not according to the prototype of beauty that is sought in the present times, escaping the typical beauty of plastic that we want to sell with a multitude of new generation models.

That is why Filippa Hamilton It is one of those models that by their characteristics and Constitution could having triumphed with total safety in the era of the supermodels, alongside his beloved Christy Turlington, to who ever wanted to emulate.
Filippa Palmstierna Hamilton, so is his full name, belongs to a bourgeois family. Not in vain, his father Michaël Palmstierna Hamilton and Margaretha Palmstierna possess the title of count and Baroness within Swedish royalty so our protagonist has dual Swedish/French citizenship.

Despite being born in Paris, his childhood has passed very close to our country, more specifically in Biarritz. There would be where together with his mother, he would participate in a local competition of models where involving mothers and daughters, at the age of 15 years. There saw the French photographer Marc Hispard who asked him for permission to make some pictures for the French Cosmopolitan. Thus began everything, which earned him to first enter into a local modeling agency and a year later joining the Agency Next management returning to his native Paris.

His first serious job was all a main course. Become image of perfume Ralph Lauren romance photographed by Bruce Webber. It was the year 2001 and that same year also see it paraded for Balenciaga, Jill Stuart and Ralph Lauren.

The success of the campaign was such that Ralph Lauren decided to offer an exclusivity contract, had found the girl Ralph seeking both.

Perhaps ill advised, maybe because I wasn’t sure of their future within the fashion, our beautiful protagonist accepted, holing in the style of the brand which closed you many doors within the catwalks.

Where the doors are not closed it was within the covers of magazines. In 2002 would be home of Vogue Paris, Vogue Spain and Elle Sweden and in 2003, apart from being home of Vogue Spain again, Marie Claire Italia and the French magazine number, would see it within the chosen for the 2003 Pirelli Calendar.

Meanwhile his only appearances on the catwalks in subsequent years would only be for Ralph Lauren, until the year 2007 would end where the exclusive contract for 6 years!.

Until then apart from appearing on countless covers, also repeated in the Pirelli Calendar in the year 2005.

It seems free of exclusive contracts, the truth that is not much lavish parades or advertising campaigns. However, seems to be all wild publications since he has never stopped performing covers and editorials, look no further than his last editorial in the July for Elle Russia.

Anyway I wish I had more Filippas Hamiltons on runways.

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