Flora, Mississippi Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Flora, Mississippi Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to NecessaryHome, Flora, Mississippi is a small town located in Madison County, just north of the state capital Jackson. It is bordered to the east by Canton, to the south by Ridgeland, and to the west by Madison. To the north lies the city of Flora’s sister city, Ridgeland.

Canton is a city in Madison County with a population of over 13,000 people. It is home to a number of historic sites such as the Canton Square and the historic courthouse built in 1845. The downtown area has plenty of shops and restaurants for visitors to explore as well as an abundance of cultural activities throughout the year including festivals and parades.

Ridgeland is another city located in Madison County with a population of over 24,000 people. It is known for its vibrant arts scene and numerous parks and recreational areas such as Freedom Ridge Park which offers plenty of outdoor activities like fishing, hiking, biking and more. The downtown area also features an array of quaint shops and restaurants for locals and visitors alike to enjoy.

Madison is located just west of Flora in Madison County with a population of around 25,000 people. Its downtown area showcases numerous historical sites such as The Old Capitol building which dates back to 1839 as well as plenty of shopping centers for those looking for some retail therapy. Additionally, there are many parks in Madison where visitors can take part in outdoor activities like camping or fishing at Lake Caroline or hiking at Ross Barnett Reservoir Park.

All four cities that border Flora offer something unique for visitors to experience. Whether you’re looking for historic sites or outdoor recreation – there’s something for everyone within these four cities. From quaint shops to exciting festivals – each one has something special that makes it worth exploring.

Population of Flora, Mississippi

According to existingcountries, Flora, Mississippi is a small town located in Madison County with a population of just over 4,000 people. It is a predominantly African American community of about 70% of the population. The remaining 30% consists of other minority groups such as Hispanic, Asian and White.

The median age of the town’s population is 33.4 years old with the majority being between the ages 25-44 at 34%. The town also has a high percentage of children aged 0-17 at 25%. This is indicative of a growing family-oriented community that values education and youth development.

The median household income in Flora is $36,973 which is slightly lower than the state average of $41,994. Despite this lower median household income, Flora has seen an increase in job opportunities and economic growth over the past few years due to its proximity to Jackson and other nearby cities like Ridgeland and Madison.

Flora is a small but vibrant town full of diverse cultures and backgrounds that come together to form one tight knit community that values education and family life above all else. With its close proximity to larger cities like Jackson, there are plenty of job opportunities for locals as well as plenty of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy.

Flora, Mississippi

Schools and education of Flora, Mississippi

Flora, Mississippi is home to a variety of educational facilities and institutions that provide students with quality education and learning opportunities. The Madison County School District serves the town with three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Additionally, there are two private schools – Flora Academy and Madison Christian Academy – which offer a faith-based education to students in grades K-12.

At the elementary level, Flora Elementary School provides an excellent education for children from pre-Kindergarten through 5th grade. The school focuses on providing a safe learning environment where students are encouraged to explore their strengths and interests while developing the skills they need to succeed academically.

The town’s middle school is Flora Middle School which houses students from grades 6th through 8th. This school offers a range of core classes along with electives such as art, music, drama and computer science to help foster creativity and provide additional learning opportunities for all its students.

Finally, the town’s high school is Flora High School which provides comprehensive academics as well as extracurricular activities such as athletics, clubs and other activities designed to help prepare students for college or other post-secondary educational programs. Additionally, this high school also offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses which allow students to gain college credits while still in high school.

Flora has an excellent educational system that provides children of all ages with quality instruction and learning opportunities that will help them succeed both academically and socially in life beyond their schooling years.

Landmarks in Flora, Mississippi

Flora, Mississippi is home to a number of landmarks and attractions that make it an interesting and unique place to visit. One of the most prominent sites in town is the Flora Depot Museum. This museum is housed in the former Mississippi Central Railroad Depot which was built in 1901. The museum features exhibits on local history, as well as artifacts from the Civil War and World War II. Additionally, visitors can take guided tours of the depot and learn about its history.

Another popular landmark in Flora is the historic Downtown Square. This area has been a focal point of town since its founding in 1872 and features several historic buildings including stores, restaurants, and churches. Visitors can stroll through this area to admire its unique architecture or explore its many shops and eateries for a taste of local culture.

The Flora Historic District is another popular attraction in town. This district has numerous homes built between 1870 and 1940 that are listed on the National Register of Historic Places due to their architectural significance. Many of these homes have been restored to their original beauty, allowing visitors to experience what life was like during this period of time first-hand.

Finally, Flora also boasts several parks where visitors can take a leisurely stroll or spend some time enjoying nature’s beauty while picnicking or fishing at one of the many ponds located throughout town. Two such parks include Flora City Park which features walking trails, picnic areas, playgrounds, sports fields, and basketball courts; as well as Garden Park which offers a variety of outdoor activities such as disc golfing, tennis courts, horseshoe pits, and more.

All together these landmarks make Flora an ideal destination for those looking for an enjoyable day trip or weekend getaway.

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