Fox International Fellowship

Fox International Fellowship

Without a doubt, all students and professionals have goals they want to achieve. And, even if they have the necessary skills and knowledge, sometimes the economic situation is not favorable. That is why obtaining a scholarship or financial support can make a big difference and open doors to new experiences, knowledge and even cultures.

Fox International Fellowship

So, if you are currently a master’s or doctoral student at one of the partner universities and looking to do research at Yale University, this scholarship might interest you.

What is Fox International Fellowship?

Fox International Fellowship is an academic exchange program between Yale and 20 world-renowned partner universities. Scholarship recipients conduct independent research for one academic year. During this period, they are expected to contribute to the academic and social life of the university. Subsequently, they are expected to have a positive impact on the world and be active in knowledge production networks both nationally and internationally. To this end, each year the partner universities hold an annual contest to receive applications, select and nominate their best students to be scholars at Yale.

With which universities do you have an agreement?

The universities that are exchange partners in this program and are located in Latin America are the following :

  • University of San Andrés, Argentina.
  • University of São Paulo, Brazil.
  • The College of Mexico, Mexico

Some other partner universities are:

  • Yale University, United States.
  • The Australian National University, Australia.
  • The University of Melbourne, Australia.
  • University of British Columbia, Canada.
  • Fudan University, China.

A very important point to note is that you must be a student at some of the partner universities in order to apply for the scholarship.

What fields does the scholarship focus on?

This scholarship seeks students enrolled in social sciences and related disciplines. So the fields of focus are the following: international relations and global affairs, law, environmental policy, public health, social sciences, economics, political science, political theory, business and finance, administration and contemporary history.

What is the nomination and selection process?

Students who may be nominated by the partner university must meet the following eligibility and selection criteria:

  • Eligibility: Only doctoral or master’s level students are eligible, therefore this scholarship is not open to postdoctoral applicants. International students who propose projects in their country of origin will not be eligible either. Additionally, due to United States visa restrictions, students must be enrolled in a degree-granting program at the partner institution for the entire duration of the scholarship.
  • Personal characteristics: The candidate is expected to demonstrate commitment to research and leadership skills, as well as civic commitment to the community in general.
  • Strength of academic achievement: The candidate must demonstrate both excellence in course work as well as strong evidence of research ability in the field proposed as his project.
  • Field of focus: A solid and specific research project with a focus on any of the fields mentioned above is expected; with preference for issues of contemporary, applied, theoretical and / or institutional relevance to improve the peace and prosperity of the world. Likewise, if the student’s study program comes from different disciplines, they are still eligible as long as the project focuses on one or more of the aforementioned fields.
  • Language skills: Obviously, in order to guarantee success in this experience, you must have the necessary language skills to communicate. Therefore, candidates are required to provide recent TOEFL or IELTS scores that demonstrate proficiency in English speaking, reading, and writing.

Subsequently, the Yale Fox Fellowship selection committee makes the final decision based on the following criteria :

  • Quality of the research proposal
  • Strength of academic achievement
  • Character and demonstrated leadership potential
  • Personal commitment to being a scholarly student with the potential to offer practical solutions to problems that stand in the way of world peace and prosperity

What are the dates to send an application?

The deadlines for submitting your application are in January / February of each year. Each partner university has specific dates and guidelines, therefore it is important to contact the appropriate link for details on the application procedures and schedule. And, if accepted, you will be notified in mid-April.

What benefits does the scholarship offer?

Leaving aside that this scholarship allows you to access new experiences that will undoubtedly make you grow professionally and network, the benefits include roundtrip travel, accommodation in rental housing provided by Fox Fellowship, health insurance and a generous stipend of life to cover any other type of expenses. And if that wasn’t enough, all fellows can also apply for research travel fund grants of up to $ 2,000.

What is the duration of the scholarship?

The scholarship has a duration of 10 months, which begins at the end of August of each year and ends on May 31.

This scholarship is an excellent opportunity to participate in research at world-renowned institutions. So, if you study at any of the partner universities (in the case of Latin America El Colegio de México, University of San Andrés in Argentina or University of São Paulo in Brazil) and you meet the requirements described above, go ahead and apply! You still have time.

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