Hello girls, my first post as an official blogger I Phyna, next to my beloved Ana Paula, will be on two very cool products tested, I loved it and recommend to all! You who like to hang out with loose and tight curls will love this news. Although I use my well voluminous hair when I go out, I like the clusters are well defined.

A few months here have tested various creams to comb that has left my hair heavy with the result out to my liking, so I chose to leave in, and quite like, but still do not go out when was the way I wanted. In a conversation with a fellow gym she pointed me models mousse and sets of take care of yourself from the apothecary line. I decided to buy as soon as passed by the store and it was what I did.

On Saturday I and Ana we would go to a ballad so I went in the store and went straight on the product side saw it had a same line ends sealer, so I bought them. A night to get ready to party I spent mousse with my dry hair even in small quantities and as I saw that came a split ends in my hair, and as at the moment I’m sorry to cut also used the so sealer. The result was as I wanted, or I can also say that the result was exactly as written on the packaging ‘hair modeled and natural movement’.

The result was clearly visible as well as I have liked enough, several people praised. If it has meeting that did not like it is that the hand is sticky, but after all is mousse right? How to apply is easy just put in little quantiade hands and pass the hair modeling as you like. And one of the coolest things is that mousse and sealer tips are basically for any type of hair, it is also anti Frizz, but how you model as you want it’s much more than that!

Underneath you see the photo of the product, and the result of how he got in my hair! Who used already speaks in the comments what was the result, I’d love to know.




Source: mejoratuapariencia-mta.blogspot.com

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