Getting to USA

Getting to USA

According to Best-medical-schools, the USA is a country of great natural and cultural heritage, grandiose opportunities and the highest level of development. Stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific, it offers a myriad of travel options from exploring a variety of historical and cultural sites to relaxing and comfortable holidays on the luxurious beaches of Florida or the Hawaiian Islands.

Every US city is beautiful and interesting in its own way. New York – the “big apple” – the undeclared capital of the world, a dynamic and attractive metropolis; Chicago is the center of exhibitions and conferences; Las Vegas – “the city that never sleeps” – the world capital of gambling, numerous clubs and wedding chapels; Los Angeles – the “city of angels” – the capital of the world film industry; Orlando is a huge world of entertainment, bright, energetic and interesting for both children and adults; Miami – endless golden beaches and azure waters of the Atlantic; San Francisco is the country’s Pacific charm with world-famous attractions.


International from Moscow takes approximately:

– New York – 10 hours, Miami – 11 hours,

– San Francisco, Los Angeles – 12 hours.

Domestic flights:

  • New York – Miami (Orlando) – 2.5 hours
  • New York – Los Angeles (Las Vegas) 4.5 hours
  • Los Angeles – Las Vegas 50 min. – 1 hour
  • San Francisco (Los Angeles) – Hawaii 4.5 hours


Processing time – vary depending on the category of visa, the purpose of the trip (the validity period is indicated in the visa). Consular fee from 160 USD (depending on the category of visa, purpose and duration of the trip). Visa-free transit is not allowed.
Children under 14 receive a separate visa in their parents’ passport or in a personal passport (if any). All applicants must have a permanent job and have at least one year of permanent work experience; engage only in lawful activities, not have a criminal record; have strong social, family and ethnic ties with the Russian Federation, which convincingly indicate the existence of reasons for returning back to the Russian Federation. To obtain a visa, you must pass an interview and fingerprinting.

Website of the US Embassy in Russia:

Website of the US Embassy in Ukraine:

Website of the US Embassy in Kazakhstan:

Websites of embassies and consulates of other countries:

Border control and customs regulations:

To pass the border, you must have a foreign passport with a valid visa and a completed immigration card (Form I-94 issued on the plane), which should indicate the data of the passport and the address of residence in the United States (the hotel address is indicated on the voucher). When crossing the US border, the immigration service stamps the period of permitted stay in the US on the card and returns a white tear-off voucher, which must be kept until the end of the trip, since the voucher must be returned at the check-in counter upon departure. Every foreign citizen entering the United States is entitled to duty-free importation of 200 cigarettes (1 block) or 50 cigars, not more than 1 liter of alcohol (for persons over 21), personal effects and household items. Gold items and diamonds are subject to declaration. It is forbidden to import any “pirated” (counterfeit) products, drugs, dangerous drugs, any food. If an amount of more than 10,000 US dollars is imported or exported, then it must be indicated in the declaration. This rule also applies to travelers checks. From the islands of Hawaii, you can export goods worth up to $ 300 duty-free.

Holidays and non-working days:

January 1 (New Year), 3rd Monday of January (Martin Luther King Memorial Day), 3rd Monday of February (President’s Day), last Monday of May (Memorial Day), July 4 – Independence Day, 1st Monday of September ( Labor Day), 2nd Monday in October (Columbus Day), 11 November (Veterans Day), 4th Thursday in November (Thanksgiving Day), 25 December (Christmas).


The United States has a well-developed network of land and air transport. In large cities, you can travel both by bus and by metro, which will significantly speed up the movement from one end of the city to the other. If subway platforms are usually not very attractive, then the cars are quite comfortable. In city buses, fare is paid directly to the driver, while it is not customary to ask for change, so it is better to stock up on change in advance. Bus service is well developed not only in cities, but also between them. Each city has bus stations from which you can travel from one city to another on a comfortable modern bus. Bus tickets are best purchased in advance.
In cities, it is also very convenient to travel by taxi, which can be ordered by phone, called from a hotel, or stopped on the street with a thumbs up.
Of course, the most common form of transportation around the country is a car. Roads in the USA are of excellent quality, gasoline is not expensive. In order to rent a car, you must have a driver’s license and be over 21 (sometimes over 25). Quite high fines are provided for violation of traffic rules, and some violations can lead to deprivation of rights. The most serious violations include: speeding, the presence of open bottles of alcoholic beverages in the car. The driver is also required to give way to pedestrians at controlled crossings. It is not recommended to hitchhike in the United States due to the high accident rate on the roads. Of course, the fastest way to travel between cities is by plane. Ticket prices vary depending on distance and class of service. In the US, there is an electronic form of tickets. All American airlines are non-smoking.

Phones and mobile communications:

To call from a mobile phone from the USA to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan or another country, dial in sequence: (country code) + (area code) and then the number.

For example, a call to Moscow: +7 495 XXX XX XX

Call to Kyiv: +38 044 XXX XX XX

Call to Almaty: +7 727 XXX XX XX

Calls within the US from a mobile phone: +1 (country code) + (area code) followed by a number

We recommend that you check the rules of dialing with your mobile operator before traveling abroad. Pay phones in the US can be seen everywhere. All cabins have their own number, so the interlocutor can call you back.

The shops:

Stores are usually open from Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 17:30, however there is no official closing date for shops and clear working days, and many shops are open on weekends and until late in the evening. Large shopping centers are usually open Monday to Saturday from 09:30 to 21:30 and Sundays from 12:00 to 17:00.
The price of the goods in the store is not final, because it does not include VAT, the amount of which is different depending on the state (from 5% and above).
In the US, there are strict regulations on the sale of alcoholic beverages. It is strictly forbidden for persons under 21 years of age to sell alcohol.


In the US, tips are considered a common form of reward in the service industry. They are left not only in restaurants, bars and hotels, but also in taxis and airports. The tip is approximately 10-15% of the bill.


In the USA, the mains voltage is 100 volts, the frequency is 60 hertz. The razor or hair dryer you bring must have a switch, or you need to take adapters.

Getting to USA

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