Graduating in Times of Crisis: an Opportunity

Graduating in Times of Crisis: an Opportunity

Congratulations for your graduation!

From now on, you will stop being a student to fully join the world of work. During the first 10 years of work, you typically achieve 70 percent of the salary growth that you will experience in your professional life. In addition, it is when you change jobs more frequently. It is also when one decides to focus on a particular line of industry or business. It is also during these years that postgraduate studies are considered to specialize and obtain a competitive and leadership profile. The following years will have a great impact in the long term. If you are lucky and graduate in a year where job opportunities abound and the market is healthy, you will have better opportunities and wages years down the road. However, if you graduate during an economic crisis.

Graduating in Times of Crisis

Graduating during a crisis usually means that, even decades later, you will earn less money than your counterparts who graduated in more favorable times.

Generally, you will start your career working in smaller firms with lower salaries. This pattern is even reflected in CEOs . CEOs who graduated during recessionary times tend to run smaller, less prestigious companies than those who graduated during boom years. The risk of graduating in times of crisis is that this can lead you to start your career in an unwanted job, or one for which your qualifications are undervalued.

While these stats may put you off. They should serve to motivate you not to let bad luck determine your professional future.

Those who graduate during times of recession tend to be more resilient and flexible people. Since they do not usually measure their happiness and success only in professional terms, they report better happiness rates . Recessions are opportunities for creative people. For those who do not define their work under strict schemes. These people find problems to solve, and redefine their work and the impact it can have on their organizations or on society in general.

If you are graduating, or about to graduate, it is critical to set a career plan and goal.

Professional fulfillment is not something that comes suddenly. You need a focus and a strategy. If you haven’t graduated yet, consider gaining professional experience through internships. In fact, the impact of graduating during a recession is less among those who already have prior professional experience.. If you are a recent graduate, don’t wait for a job. The point may come that you have to take whatever it is due to lack of options. Define what you are good at. Where you want to be professionally in 10 years. What paths, (because there is always more than one) can lead you to achieve your goal. If your plans include studying for a graduate degree. Either now or in the years to come. If you want to be admitted to a very competitive one. You should know that the next few years will be crucial to build a professional profile that will get you admission. Schedule your first meeting with us, to define how we can help you and to determine how to build a competitive profile to gain admission to the best postgraduate programs in the world.

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