Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park

Grand-Teton National Park is visited by more than 2.6 million visitors annually. A mountain range and several mountain lakes extend over its area of ​​1,245 km². The park was established on February 26, 1929.

Located in the west of Wyoming, the Grand Teton National Park has many scenic features. The park got its name from the Teton mountain range. This runs through the park. The park name comes from the French and denotes the female breast. This is due to the shape of the mountains, which are reminiscent of a breast. See a2zdirectory for tourist attractions in Wyoming.

The crystal clear mountain lakes are a highlight for visitors. The large mountain lake Jackson Lake, as well as the somewhat smaller lakes Leigh Lake and Jenny Lake, are located east of the mountains at the Jackson Hole plain.

The first white man who is said to have entered the area of ​​Grand Teton National Park is said to have been John Colter. He came to the area in 1808.

A lot to offer optically

The mountain ranges shape the entire park area optically. Rugged landscapes are the hallmark of Grand-Teton National Park. The impressive Teton Mountains without promontories rise two thousand meters from the plain. The highest point, the Grand Tetons, is 4,197 meters above sea level.

There are 12 glaciers in the entire mountain range.

The Grand Teton Mountains were formed about 9 million years ago. Here two huge plates of the earth’s mantle collided. The impact pushed a plate down, creating today’s Jackson Hole. As the first plate drifted off, the second plate pushed upwards. This is how the mountains came into being.

Wide, green meadows lie picturesquely at the foot of the mountains. Some of the hills are also wooded and the beautiful lakes invite you to linger.
A few years ago, Jackson Lake, which is the largest lake in the park, was artificially enlarged by means of a dam. This happened before the National Park was founded.
Further down, the waters flow together to form streams. These continue to flow and thus also feed many tributaries. The Snake River meanders through a very narrow valley in the south out of the highlands.

The National Elk Refuge is located in the village of Jackson. It is so called because the elk retreats here in winter. They flee from the cold of the high mountains and spend the winter here.

All in all, the Grand-Teton National Park is an Eldorado for hikers. Numerous, beautiful hiking trails extend through the entire area. Mountaineering and rafting are possible here. You can also take part in guided teaching tours.
Skier are also very welcome here. In winter you can practice cross-country skiing on the groomed slopes. If you like it more romantic, a dog sled ride might be something for you. In summer you can also go down the hiking trail with mountain horses.

Grand Teton National Park

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