Hawaii Pacific University Student Review

Hawaii Pacific University Student Review

I took my summer session at the HPU in Hawaii in Honolulu. At the HPU, I took the graduate modules “ Strategy & Financial Management ” (FIN6000) and “ Economics for Business ” (ECON6000). The German education system has its advantages. If you have achieved average performance in the German Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration , these two modules at the HPU will be child’s play with very good grades. The lessons are very schooled with weekly quizzes and homework. I didn’t take any new course content worth mentioning with me.

But studying in Hawaii has a lot more to offer than just spending time with university material! The fun factor is extremely high due to the numerous activities such as surfing, sometimes legal or illegal hiking or chilling on the beach. During my stay of about 9 weeks, I visited Oahu as well as the Big Island. If you want to do the officially prohibited trails to the Cat Man’s Dead Walk, Stairways to Heaven on Oahu or the summit ascent of Mauna Kea on the Big Island; Do not be put off by the warning signs and guard notices on the Internet. Each of these hikes was an absolute experience. The most strenuous and probably also the most dangerous was the Stairways to Heaven Hike. For the ascent of Mauna Kea it is enough to over 4,200 m, contrary to the recommendations, At the middle station, a vehicle that is not suitable for off-road use was completely turned off in the summer months. The sunset after 7pm at the summit is breathtaking. There was always more than enough time for this.There is never university stress with Aloha Spirit!

For the trips to the university I bought the student bus ticket for $ 90, which can be bought in the university bib. This is relatively inexpensive. Before leaving for Hawaii, I got the information from the professors about which books are needed for the lectures, as these are in the USA are extremely expensive. The HPU also offers lending, but the lending fees are also very high, around $ 100 per book, especially since there were no used books available in my summer term. For this I can recommend the following: wait until the first lectures before buying or borrowing the books. On the one hand, it is then foreseeable whether you really need the book for the semester at all. I returned the book in Economics for Business early before the loan fee was deducted. I found an older version of the book in Financial Management online free of charge and I received the changes or the tasks for the homework from a fellow student.

The cost of living in Hawaii, especially in Waikiki as a classic tourist destination, is well above the German price level. For regular purchases in Waikiki, it is advisable to go to the Mals a little further away, such as WalMart, and not to buy permanently in the ABC stores or the food pantry. Furthermore, the rents are about twice as high as in Germany. I booked my return flight with Lufthansa for just over 900 € from Frankfurt to Waikiki directly after the first confirmation from the HPU to the submitted enrollment documents. A last-minute booking is not recommended, as the flights for these routes tend to be more expensive at the start of the flight.

The application process was sometimes challenging, as the HPU had regularly requested confirmations from the German university and vaccination certificates at relatively short notice, which should actually have been submitted later.

In the case of international health insurance, the evidence requested by the HPU for international health insurance also states that there is no co-payment or upfront payment. However, an own contribution and the subsequent reimbursement of costs is standard for German international health insurance. The HPU accepted this when asked. The expensive policy of the HPU is not necessary! In addition to my credit card insurance, I have taken out international health insurance with UKV for a duration of stay> 60 days. The daily rate was less than € 0.50.

Waikiki itself is not really a party center, as there are a lot of families and honeymooners there. I’ve seen the most famous clubs like the M-Club, Addiction, Bar 35 and didn’t really blow my mind. The entrance fee is at least $ 10. As expected, Europeans are relatively rare in the clubs alongside many Asians. Shirt and long trousers are compulsory in the first two. It is advisable to visit Chinatown in Honolulu on the first Friday of each month, as there is something going on in all clubs and bars. Moose’s in Waikiki is also recommended for the Hawaiian party level on Tuesdays. Most drinks then range from $ 1 to $ 3.

In summary, there is hardly a more pleasant study location for the semester abroad with more holiday feeling and free time.

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