The Christmas 2011 makeup collection it comes this year with a story very Guerlain. Natalia Vodianova, dressed in Pucci, is a nocturnal bird that flies at night in a Vol de Nuit, homage to the fragrance created by Jacques Guerlain in 1933.

A reinterpretation of the Maison de the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, friend of Jacques Guerlain, from colorful scent. A colorful of black and deep blue, Double wink at night and one of the colors more trend in makeup.

Extremely limited edition, “Vol de Nuit” vial contains iridescent powder scented for face and body. Using the applicator in PEAR, reserved for the most exclusive designs, are glass and metal from the original bottle, the first to launch with this combination of materials in the market. Guerlain always pioneers. The precious meeting.

You can not miss a version of the box of powder pressed pellets meteorites. A few years ago that they redesigned the presentation box, for Christmas in brilliant cobalt blue. Edition one-shot contains balls on silver powders to add luminosity at the end of a makeup.

Tribute to the “parure”, feminine trim, black powder from the range Guerlain Parure (base color fluid and compact powder) is pressed with a feather design. Used as compact powder and Rouge. Speaking of “parures”, earrings that Natalia looks at the advertising image are a Lorenz Bäumer design, jeweler located at Place Vendome in Paris who designed the case of Rouge G.

High eye shadows are thrown into palette Ecrin 4 Couleurs, very handy indeed. The blues are the protagonists, from the light to the depths. A fantastic combination for a smoky eye makeup. Don’t miss never the applicator brush, is of high quality and it greatly facilitates the application.

The new lipstick will be launched in lOS boxes Automatique Rouge and Rouge G, Of course. They are the latest of the wide range of lipsticks (too broad even). Although the packaging of Rouge G is spectacular by its automatic mirror, my favorite is KissKiss. I really like pet him, his silhouette of cubes is precious and weighs much less in the bag.

The new tones for lips are elegant, sexy and suggestive. Rouge G, Gardner No. 26 (deep and bright red tile) and Bianca No. 21 (red pink glittering and translucent finish). A Rouge G that does not begin with G.

In Rouge Automatique, 169 Flirt d’un Jour (soft and bright pink) and 170 Nuit d’Amour. Nuit d’amour color is a red black that once applied is not as dark as it seems at first glance, is a deep Bordeaux shade.

A fascinating collection by the colors, by the luxury packagings and for reminding us that Vol de Nuit is a large classic fragrances from Guerlain which still has its mystery, inspired by an inteprida woman, restless and self-confident.

History of Christmas 2011 by Guerlain: Makeup ‘Vol De Nuit’ Collection in Limited Edition
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