The limited editions of pallets of shadows or facial powders from brands such as Guerlain or Dior they are a short-lived luxury that I enjoy. Have them as object of desire and collection for later use in a makeup for an occasion that deserves it.

One of palettes presented at the end of 2010 was the shadow of eyes Tailleur Dior Bar. Sweeping Morthylla I was surprised today with this video of the Maison where shown with detail How is it manufactured. Of course, hand.

Metal mould, powders of different colors and savoir faire of a trained hand. It seems easy, I doubt that it is. Women designed in the eyeshadow palette is what Illustrator René Gruau drew to Dior in 1947 on the occasion of the Dior Couture first collection. They are worth 1.42 minutes that lasts for the video.

How Made The Ephemeral Luxury Makeup Palettes: Tailleur Dior Bar
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