How to Care for Curly Hair?

We teach, with the help of who else understands it, all you need to know to care for and maintain a curly and beautiful hair.

You and your curly hair are an eternal novel. Curls without definition, dry wires and it takes to grow look familiar to you? The suffering is over. Come with us to know how to take care of curly hair and curly to (still) more beautiful and with supernatural aspect.

And, to help you, we combine the opinions of top hairstylists Didier Sé, Marcos Proença salon, Cris Dios, the trendy Salon paulistano Laces and Hair and the hair stylist who specializes in curly hair and curly Enuff. In addition, women who have bunches of envy out there also came to help: the blogger Ana Catarina, Caches, blog specialized in dealing with curls, and the singer and actress Negra Li.

Then? Ready to parade waving bunches? Just follow the precious tips on the website.

Dramas of a Curly Hair

“In most cases, women have trouble leaving the curls defined and with the volume controlled,” says Didier Sé. “A lot of women also complain of dryness of the wires and the slow growth and acceptance of curly is a complicated issue, it is common they open flat hand, but not permanent and relaxations,” adds Ana Catarina.

Want to know the solution? Follow our steps.

I Want to Take My Curls But Have Always Used Chemistry, and Now?

A tip is to give up any chemical process, from relaxers until permanent and relaxations, which may bring irreparable damage to the wires. “One should avoid doing brush and flat iron the hair. The hair dryer with diffuser can be a great ally to assist in this transition process to achieve a controlled volume effect,” suggests Didier.

Is the team of sloppy? Pass the scissors on the part of the hair that still have chemistry, cutting in the bud. This procedure is known as “big chop”. If you don’t want to cut the wires right away be patient, reader. Let the hair grow and go cutting gradually eliminating the chemistry. Oh, and don’t forget to moisturize a lot the new wires-rolls-they’re starting to be born!

The Safest Way to Wash

For those with curly or frizzy hair, washing every day is not a good idea. That’s because they have less natural oils when compared to plain hairs. When washing every day, hydration also loses. Even so, it’s not good to stay a long time without washing, not to cause damage to the root: “natural oils through the strands of curly hair, and is concentrated in the scalp. It’s always good to use once a week or every 15 days a deep cleansing shampoo to remove all residues,” says Didier.

The singer Negra Li has a hint of styling for the days they don’t wash their hair: “invest in repair fluid, so he doesn’t miss the way”.

Cris Dios gives a precious six-step recipe for healthier:

  1. Wet the hair
    2. Place a measure of shampoo in a container and dilute with twice the measure of water
    3. Apply the mixture to the full extent of the scalp, dividing it into 5 different points
    4. Rub the scalp with your fingertips in a circular motion
    5. Rinse, repeat and rinse again
    Important: it is not necessary to scrub the wires because the shampoo flows by they promotes clean enough.
    6. Apply the conditioner, do the same thing: with the help of a container put a conditioner and also dilute in water.

Hydration is the Rule of the House

The watchword for the care of bunches is moisturizing, always! “The moisturizing can be made with masks that contain d-panthenol, panthenol, sugar, honey, aloe vera, glycerine and vitamins A, B, C and D, you can find this information on the label of products or even in the composition,” says Ana.

Another tip is to switch the daily care products, so that the hair doesn’t get used and no results. Search use different lines of treatment each time an end, so it’s easier to know which ones your hair reacts better.
Didier Se advises the moisturizing are made every 15 days at home: “Use oil based products is always a great option,” he says.

At the salon, according to Fernando, it is advisable to moisturize at least once a month.

Homemade Moisturizing

“I love giving homemade moisturizing recipes, that should and can be made from 3:00 pm 15 days,” says Christopher. In the case of frizzy hair, which usually are dry, we can use:

-1/2 small avocado
-Argan oil 10 ml
-2 ml of extra virgin olive oil
-2 leaves of Aloe Vera (take the inner leaf extract)
-5 ml of coconut oil
-20 ml of a moisturizing cream (mask)

Directions for use:
-Mix all ingredients. Wash your hair with a shampoo neutral, dry with a towel and apply the mixture massaging the hairs, without applying to the scalp. Let stand for 30 minutes and rinse.

What Not to Do?

As we have said, forget about brush and flat iron. Also, be careful with the root of the hair and avoid using products in this region, because the pores can become clogged and, consequently, hair loss, dandruff, irritation of the scalp and even reduced growth can come true, that is, everything that you don’t want. Special attention also in colors, “it can cause damage to any hair, but the discoloration is made excessively can change the structure of the wires, and the curls can be shaky,” explains Didier.

Plastic combs are also villains because they break very easy. “Prefer wooden comb or brush gently with your hands,” says blogger Ana. Sleep with wet hair? No way! Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen when you go to the beach, he is essential.

Cris Dios complete: use warm water to rinse, if you’re going to use the dryer, keep a distance of 10 cm between it and your head, do not use conditioners and scalp masks and, if possible, use 250 ml of filtered water (preferably mineral) in the last rinse.

Time of Scissors!

Before thinking about the cut that you will give your hair, don’t forget that the main changes come from the inside out. Maintain a healthy diet also strengthens the hairs, and the whole body.

Fernando Fernandes explains that it is common to find different structures of clusters in the same person, some parties may have looser curls than others, so it is important that your hairdresser note.
Didier complete, “peaked Hair help to better distribute the volume, but not abuse of the layers. Go slowly and gradually, and it is always good to remember that each case is different. The technique of dry cutting is also something we do here in the lounge and that is interesting. ”

If you are already team black power, ask your hairdresser (a) leaving him with the entire volume, aligning the hair with a wide-toothed comb and sculpting with the form you prefer.

How often? Two to three months are the correct space for cutting does not lose shape.

Styling Tricks

“The styling is always a challenge, because I always say that curly hair has its own personality,” says Christopher. But the Pro teaches a trick: after washing your hair, use a comb to untangle and towel dry, always activating the movement of clusters, from bottom to top. Then, apply a leave-in and make loose rolls while it is still wet.

Didier gives more a recipe for a homemade deuso curly, “Pass a cream without rinsing in a small amount, the bunch bunch, and let it dry naturally or with the help of a diffuser. Once dry, you should let your hair down. The process is laborious, but the result is fantastic.”

According to Cris Dios, a tip from grandma that is foolproof to decrease frizz is to use in your pillow a satin pillowcase, which will decrease the friction and causes the hair wake up with less frizz. The attempt is valid, no?

We gather, especially for you, inspirations of accessories that you can use to give an extra charm to your curly hair. Turban, headband, bow ties.