The answer has more to do with changing habits, you know?
“Help, has a spine in the middle of my forehead!” I’ve been through this situation? The acne is a hereditary skin disease which usually emerges at puberty, when hormones production starts pumping in the body. “In adolescence the appearance of blackheads and pimples happens on the same percentage of men and women. In adulthood, acne is more common in women,” says dermatologist Valeria Campos, Brazilian society of Dermatology. For this reason, since most of us will at least once in your life you encounter the problem, discover the best tips on how to avoid it.
1) Release the stress with physical activities

The acne of the adult female is mainly caused by stress, which leads to increased release of cortisol in the body, a hormone that activates the production of oil. Excess sebum clogs the pores, creating a breeding ground for the proliferation of bacteria causing blackheads and pimples.
Are you on your period? Instead of attacking a bowl of ice cream, put on sneakers and go to the gym, workout or take a walk in the park! “For sure, you will feel good and will also improve acne. Physical exercises put the tension and nervousness to run, inducing the production of hormones of pleasure,” says dermatologist Valeria fields.
Other hot activities can also help to reduce the appearance of acne: a massage, manicure or even a good book to read on critics of pre and post menstrual periods.
2) Decrease the consumption of sugar and add more fiber to food
Healthy eating habits are key for treating blackheads and pimples, regardless of age. Recent studies published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, USA, show that there is a relationship between glycemic peaks and the triggering of the acne. “Foods high in sugars may be the trigger to have pimples. This is probably because the excess glucose unbalances the production of insulin, which in turn causes a cellular inflammation that increases the production of sebaceous glands,” explains the dermatologist.
Since the goal is to choose foods with a low glycemic index and little or no sugar (except fruit), avoid milk, chocolate and sugar. In the list of recommended foods for those who want to stop suffering with the problem Djaare fruits that can be ingested with bark, vegetables, raw vegetables, wholegrain breads, grains, whole grains, wheat bran and flaxseeds. With the increase in fiber content, the intestine works best, avoiding constipation, which is reflected in a skin more beautiful and well cared for.
Another change that can significantly improve the problem of acne is to avoid smoking, steroids and excess supplementation of B12 vitamins. Who makes use of some medications such as cortisone and antidepressants, flavoring the appearance of blackheads and pimples, should seek the help of a dermatologist.
3) Keep the skin clean, always!
The plan is to avoid the accumulation of sebum, pollution and dirt that closes the pores and stimulates the appearance of blackheads and pimples. What to do to get a great result, will depend on the type of skin, according to dermatologist:
♥ Normal: must receive a cleansing foam, soft neutral soap or cleaning lotion and tonic without alcohol (optional);
♥ Dry: the best alternatives are the milks or cleaning lotions. Prohibited aggressive and astringent soaps and tonics;
♥ Oily: ideally, opt for soaps or lotions that remove excess oils without drying (if remove excess oils, can trigger rebound effect: Once dry, the skin begins to produce more sebum and oil worsens) and astringent;
♥ Joint needs astringent only in oily areas, while the most sensitive regions are asking for soft and alcohol-free products.
Extra tips: the person who has sensitive skin can override the tonic and astringent for thermal water. The scrub can be used with caution once or at most twice a week for all skins except droughts and very sensitive.
4) Choose appropriate cosmetics
“Thecne cosmetics happens when there is incorrect use of moisturizing products, excess makeup, sunscreen and even due to moisturizing creams applied to the hands and hair to come in contact with the skin,” says Valeria. In this case, in addition to medical help, look on the label of the products the magic words like: “non-greasy”, ” non-comedogenic”, and “oil free”.
5) Avoid placing your hand on the face
“Is a simple measure that helps, Yes. A touch of the hand on the face can stimulate the sebaceous glands and worsen the acne,” says the doctor. And never poke the skin to not leave marks, see?
6) Investigate the causes
When you know where the problem, know how to treat him. Hormonal dysfunction in adult life’s one of the main causes of acne for more than 25 years of age. “The increase in the male hormone is one of the changes that must be searched when there are also symptoms such as Seborrhea, hair loss in the region of the temples and increased by the face, menstrual disorders and ovulatory dysfunction,” recalls the doctor. Despite the acne of the grown woman be related to increased action of hormones, often the laboratory tests are within normal levels, featuring a greater sensitivity of the skin to these hormones.
The hormonal changes of pregnancy may cause changes in skin. “It is recommended that you search for a dermatologist as soon as I know of the pregnancy because products commonly used in the treatment of acne, such as retinoic acid and isotretinoin, are forbidden during pregnancy.” In these cases, to prevent blackheads and pimples, it is important to invest in a proper diet, low in sugar and high glycemic index foods, and daily cleaning of the skin.
7) Follow the treatment to the letter
Learn about the possible treatments recommended by dermatologists:
♥ Cleaning and exfoliation
-The first step is daily cleaning to control excess sebum;
-A gentle exfoliation per week operates clearing pores, but without impeding the production of sebum, overuse can worsen the oil.
♥ Antibiotics
-Outdoor use: on the skin, inhibit the proliferation of bacteria that like excess sebum to develop;
-Internal use: reserved for cases of acne more intense, also serve to inhibit bacteria.
♥ Hormones
-Anyone who has noticed the improvement of the skin with the use of the contraceptive pill? The use of hormones, in the case of women, neutralizes the effects of male hormones responsible for the increased production of sebum.
♥ Use of vitamin A derivatives
-Both indoor and on the skin acts by decreasing the production of sebaceous glands, and must be prescribed and monitored by a dermatologist.
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