How Will My Hair Good Feat. John Frieda & the Chance at a Barbershop in London

I have one with flying fluff, which repeatedly dig through the outer coat and look at bad moments as they would contact up well at all since I can think, smooth and color a hair problem. It even happens that these lie white small bubble at the end of each broken hair depending on the outfit over my dark clothes such as the bright peak of a fiber optic lamp from the 90s. Just to mention the bosses called humidity, which is able to conjure up abstract hair fabric from the flat hairstyles. Through the use of social media, I also suffer acute hair envy. You just look at these ebony black, anchormen splendor of Gilda Ambrosio, it not is sometimes really unbearable. Blame for the extent of said head misery is even fault, most likely my hairdresser abstinence and the rough household scissors and probably I should be looking for simply a professional at regular intervals, but it won’t do anything for years. Therefore i’ve decided sometime very reality drunk, to do at least that right what is right with little effort. By Zuhaue from. The brush around, decorating and especially the care of potential Gilda splendour.

Now some of you obviously sit in the same tired waves boat as I and therefore again ask how I actually do this on, this subduing the unruly thatched splendour and whether it even to healthy can be tricked. Can it, if not actually hops and malt is lost. Moderate damage, which have especially feel I get support, the haircare experts, the me has always been by my old buddy John Frieda his „ dream curls “ spray already saved by really wild times and since then stays in different design on the edge of my bath. Recently, a cream-Gel treatment to the Frizz ease has joined line added, the auspicious name „ 10 days of Taming miracle “ bears. I really think Yes not in miracles, but this time I was amazed not bad.

I need to explain all suffering, how much precious time and nerves could be saved, you must not persuade his frizzy, dry, beleidigtes and sassy hair after every single wash on the new ones, to be finally good. Said treatment anyway, promises immediate Taming. And is special: it already bears the gel prior to the actual washing and Zahid then (almost) all ten days, something like this.

Is this is a product that is applied on dry hair (pronounced: „ pre-treatment wash “). I knew no such thing, so also the curiosity, although there was also great skepticism in the bathroom. Warning, spoilers, but now I’m fan, otherwise this article would be here not even arisen. How it works:

The hair before washing to divide into sections and the gel-cream generously applying treatment on dry hair, ergo: don’t make a mess, pads. Is even really easily. It is just important to ensure that the gel is relatively evenly distributed, which supposedly enhances the effect and because I want to take any chances, I’m of course on it. What sounds like a lot of work that is done in truth quickly, whole two minutes applying cost me; The nourishing Gel is namely funny slippery and very friendly for beginners * inside. Now 8-10 minutes to soak and relax.

At this point, so soon after applying, I cursed frankly for the first time, because the Pack of the Frizz ease 10 days Taming Spa ranges depending on the hair only for two applications. I wanted to skimp on only with the product which appeared to want to save me at the end but only as a pitiful attempt at the wrong end, I would like Yes finally sometime can cover the breasts with my hair and swimming amazonenhaft by lakes. Moreover, the results of the Spa once applied supposedly last ten days. Care, suppleness, Combability, and Schurz from external influences included. Let’s see, the ten minutes Yes are not to.

Therefore still fix 10 products, the absence of which particularly struck me on the meditative, fragrant waiting in my room:

Soap dispenser
cosmetic Organizer
scented candle
Handtruch head
cleansing tissue box
SOAP dish
shower curtain
all-round brush

Finished! Out of the cure, using lukewarm water. Then the hair is washed as usual, for example with the miracle repair shampoo and a conditioner, just as if nothing had happened previously. It is that obviously, because my hair feels now quite toasty and fluffig to.

My conclusion:

The hair is really soft like fine velvet at the end, fluffig, but not surly, even not more naughty and presumed, and after the Luftrocknen and additional massage with the magic formula silk finish cream against flying hair even gently rippled – I can so forgo the straightening iron and must only have time fix with the round brush. The result has stopped all three shampoos and a little drizzle, (what actually made nine instead of the promised ten days for me, so a point deduction), the structure of the hair seems smooth and everything shines as if it were perfectly healthy. What I particularly like: on the day the hair knotted himself felt much less than before, even the brushes work plucked in the evening without big. I would say so that this small miracle miracle cure can cause and as an alternative to permanent treatments work for me. Because the result in the truest sense of the word seems more tangible.

And how does the 10-day Taming course?

Through the combination of active ingredients: silicon, erythritol (sugar alcohol), and Succinic acid. And Yes, I know, mans says silicone is not good for the hair, but here I must grab me on my own nose, if I’m missing the silicone in the toiletries, what I am missing. So: Guilty. This formula in any case, make sure that on the one hand smoothed the surface of the hair and on the other hand soothes the hair fiber from the inside out. In addition, a protective shield against humidity makes them.

Because that alone but still means not the big Löwenmähnen good luck:

10 tips for permanently healthier hair that make almost no effort:

The right brush is worth gold. The best one from natural hair or mixed bristles. There are even some for wet hair. Use only accessories that are free of metal. Tip: Old nylon pantyhose knocking off A ponytail. Alternative: headbands made of velvet. One or two times a week rub some olive oil into the scalp, which has helped me against hair loss and tired hair is shiny as a mask. Even better when broken hair: coconut oil! Who blow-dry should be abandoned definitely not heat protection, even if it is a bit annoying. Here the original helps me 6 effects serum. And always good in the direction of the hair blow-dry, except on the approach – there you can blow-dry sometimes due to the volume contrary to nature. Never dry rub the hair! Gently wring it out and then embed in a micro fiber towel. Eat green leafy vegetables, there’s iron in it. Can also work wonders when it is not necessarily a super foodie. Slightly oily hair help occasional rinse the chamomile tea, says my grandma. Common cable should bear who wears much wool in the winter, because the friction can be very mean. To sleep, also on a silk scarf to help against hair breakage. You can bind to also scarf a slight – as a natural barrier between wool and hair. Always before washing hair, best not. Allow to air dry and it read a nice book. Head right, beautiful soul.

And now let’s see if I not yet again quickly disappear to the hairdresser, now I’m already been so on the care ball. You can by the way from a trip immediately after London incl. Haircut in the in my favorite John Frieda salon and several Fritz ease wonder packages win. This way!

We see you in summer to the babes reality check.

In friendly cooperation with John Frieda.