Jeisa Chiminazzo, The Eternal Teenager

Jeisa Chiminazzo without getting too much noise, it has been one of the most prolific Brazilian models in recent years.

Being image of Yves Saint Laurent, Victoria’s Secrets and one of the chosen in its day by the kaiser Lagerfeld, they have done that this 24-year Brazilian can shine with their own light, that Yes, ever more photos than in walkway that perhaps his weak point since in my opinion, lacks the character needed to succeed on it.

Anyway although it does not reach the level of the famed Gisele Bundchen If it can boast of rubbing shoulders with fellow countrymen of the calibre of Ana Beatriz Barros and Isabeli Fontana, which is one of her best friends.

His features are not clearly those of typical Brazilian women and even more so with those freckles that have made him have a characteristic appearance and eternally adolescent at the same time.

Passionate about the world of fashion and the models, and Italian-German descent, her first contact with this world took place when he was 13 years, where would participate in a local competition of models. Among those present at that pageant was the actor and Brazilian model Luciano Szafir, that as he saw it had no hesitation in recommending it to the modeling agency L’Equipe for which he worked. He has good eye, friend Luciano.

The Agency accepted the recommendation and in the same year as it would work with Jeisa Chiminazzo, We already see it on the cover of the youth magazine Caprice, inexhaustible source of future top models Brazilian, as our common, publishers and readers know as the of Elle Brazil.

It would be a year later when rise several rungs within his career since late 1999 it signed with the IMG Agency and with only 14 years already producido in Milan and New York for Marc Jacobs, Blumarine, Alberta Ferretti and Anna Molinari among others. A few weeks later he already began to star in editorials in Vogue Italy and most importantly, become image of Emanuel Ungaro, Jill Stuart and Blumarine.

The teenage girl of freckles on his face began to be known and the greats of fashion were beginning to put their eyes on it, and also large publications, being home of L’Officiel, and the German and Russian versions of the magazine Vogue.

Despite this, his first great work would not come until after a few years, specifically the 2003 year in which Karl Lagerfeld chooses it as image for its line of accessories of Chanel. It is clear that becoming a Chanel girl raises the cache of any model and was so as from that year appears on the runway begins to rise as the foam from paraded about 20 shows per season to double that figure.

We are certainly entering the golden years of Jeisa Chiminazzo, It would be the years 2004, 2005 and 2006. During those years his rhythm of catwalk was quite high, keeping 40 parades season that ended the 2003 and at the same time become image of Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap and Victoria’s Secrets among others and above all, the most remembered as CK One, which allowed him to continue raising its cache and its popularity.

From the year 2007, and although that is still starring in several advertising campaigns such as Emporio Armani, DKNY, ‘K’ of Karl Lagerfeld or YSL cosmetics, the latter in 2008, their rate of runway begins to decrease, returning to parade almost to a dozen designers each season, figure that it has been reduced to virtually a token presence since 2008 where it only producido Animale y Zac Posen.

In 2009, the only work that I have evidence, apart from parade to Animale in the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, It is the cover that has made for the Italian publication Flair in the month of June, would be finished Jeisa Chiminazzo swallowed by success? Let us hope that not can soon enjoy the eternal teenager.

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