Living Room Experiment We Hang Together #the2ofus with Calvin Klein ck2

Last week I dared a little experiment, I placed a bottle along with new ck2 so fragrance by Calvin Klein middle on my coffee table. Let’s see what happen, I thought to myself. He is ever so pretty to look at as a design object. As he smells, to do this we will come, once must at this point be said that me turning with each trial and staring at and in the hands of a small mental flashback the header along roll: ck1 – you remember?

Just right thought so if my provisional living room table decorations really and truly to be the successor of the famous classic. Genderfree is he again (which we like especially well and avoids possession claim dispute between all pairs), also fresh as fuck and hot as hell. In my nose, a fragrance blend of “naked run through the gate road” unfolds with each “Pffft” and “Shoulder blade kiss in the sleet before the Samy”.


For my small cosy social study’s should not want not on volunteers for various reasons, firstly because you can hardly no say whether all the sensual enchantment and, secondly, because I have since my move felt sitting 24/7 friends in the booth. Hello, your favorite rabbit. Here we go.

And then?

The bottle became unnoticed on wine dinners and gatherings of all kinds, in intimacy and togetherness, the clear star of the apartment. The transparent capsule, an object of attraction, no question. A Grail with quieter appeal on the wooden table in half – lying, standing, rolling. Not once that was punished Eau de Toilette with disregard, for it each time at least in the hand, played most of the time even with him, it was petted, held on the cheek and still prefer sprayed on themselves and others. My living room transformed itself within a few hours into the adventure playground of pleasant odors.


The scent was like an invisible link intense moments between each two, I could observe that good. Exciting to see how a smell can make men and women curious creatures, myself included. Sneak around, touch, try from a distance, get closer, Cap off, Cap, Cap – a deep draw breathe, off smell, put together on the floor and the ceiling laugh. You should have also seen a couple of kisses in the Casa Scalamari – maybe more.

And I promise you: even if one wakes up from the get rid of noise of ck2s and all nostalgia pushes, nothing but my warmest recommendation remains. A unisex fragrance of this type have really missed, that I need not FIB. The thing is: I like the tender, rosy plants be persisted. Then but rather wild and free and wonderful. #the2ofus

– in friendly collaboration with Calvin Klein –