If over the years is beginning to leave marks on your face, nothing like the disguise with cosmetic products and the beautifying certain gestures. Here’s how you should proceed.

The age, for many that care has, does not forgive. If wrinkles are beginning to mark your face, nothing like the disguise with cosmetic products and make-up gestures right. Here, the goal is the cloak and the smoothing of the skin. If you choose to put on her face at home, Ricardo Pedro, makeup artist professional, advises the don’t hide too wrinkles because it can be an artificial work. See, then, the best way of disguise.


Start by applying a pre-basic HD in the same way that a face cream to moisturize the skin so that it does not reject the basis», says Ricardo Pedro. Then applies an elixir that acts as a instant beauty, smoothing and stretching the skin, explains. This product applies only over the wrinkles. Then, a basic HD with beads that reflect the light and reduce the imperfections, continues.

«Beware because the base is smooth skin and, at the same time, take the natural expression of the person, which requires later, a good makeup job to bring the shapes of the face to the surface ‘, underlines the professional. In the eye, avoid too intense colors, such as black or very dark gray. With a makeup of natural tones, the face is lighter, jovial and light, says Ricardo Pedro.

The problem of the whites and glitters

With regard to colors to privilege, the expert also gives advice, suggesting warm tones like ‘ type chocolate brown, pink or orange. Never pure white or roses too transparent, warns. Why misapplied convey an air sick, justifies. Please also note the sparkles, which can be tricky because although give more naturalness to the skin often intensify the wrinkle.

The light on his face has to be proven by tonal gradation between light and dark, advises. The professional suggests, however, the use of a brighter shade on the inside corner of the eye to open the look. In the cheekbones, should not use dense colors. Opt for slightly pink tones. You can also use a mixture of pink and Orange for a more natural aspect, suggests the makeup artist.

On the lips, never use lipsticks or glosses too creamy because will get into the cracks and break up the appearance of lip», stresses. For a natural effect, use a simple moisturizing lipstick. If you want to intensify your lips, should outline them with a pencil and then use a lipstick that isn’t too fluid, professional make-up artist.

Make-up Routines that are a Real Camouflage Antirrugas