Makeup Collection Guerlain Fall 2012: “Rouge D’Enfer’ Vs.”Rose AngéLique”

Sublime Natalia! The theme of the collection of Makeup Guerlain fall 2012 seems designed for the current image of the brand, Natalia Vodianova. She embodies to perfection “Rouge d’Enfer” and “Rose Angélique”.

The chameleon-like model known to show both sides, the angelic and the relentless seductive. There is no makeup collection seeking to emphasize the femininity without the red and pink. Very used by Guerlain, this fall are protagonists together.

Players successfully. On stage, a Double Rouge: “Rose aux Joues”. The six possibilities of color are forming a duo in gilded and polished case (image gallery). A tone clear and another darker combine to sculpt shadows on the cheek with the small Paintbrush bevelled.

The Red is trend in lipsticks for the new season, better if it is a red hellish sexy. Both red intense tones as in Roses, the palette is varied from what they imagine. A Fuchsia dark, or touching the violet burning, while dream orange with the Red Classic that we never hastiamos.

Occur under the format”Rouge G L’Extrait”(photo above) and they are 7 deadly colors, we Sin with Gourmanside (Raspberry), Orgueil (plum), enquiry (orange), Avarise (Beige), Paresse (Pink), Luxure (ocre-marron) and Colere (red).” Who be able to avoid a capital Sin with the? textures in cream by Guerlain? There will be tail d’Enfer and tail d’ Angélique in hell!