Naturalness is the watchword for the year, according to the celebrity hairdresser Marcos Proenca, in São Paulo. “The subtle effects and pointing to that direction, the Wicks babylights appear as a strong bet,” he says. The technique inspired by the hair of babies and small children, is very thin and delicate lights with shades slightly lighter than the natural color of highlights. Generally, focus on the face frame, at the top of the head and around the edges. “It’s an interesting way of giving lightness to the Browns and light natural blonde,” says Danielle. Oh, and it is noteworthy that these locks can never cause the impression of being “stripes”, see?

Another trend that the hairstylist’s radar detected is the detailing, which illuminates only individual fuses around the face and on the ends of the hair. “The effect is amazing, and is a good alternative to the range of lights, as subtly enhances the brightness and tone of the wires,” says.

For those who enjoy a ruivice, the tone of the time is that flirts with the orange, one that conveys the feeling of being a natural redhead, you know? “And the monochromatic brown or slightly illuminated bearing well-kept appearance does not lag behind. They have everything to do with the proposal for the year,” complements the expert.

And of course that we would forget the devotees of more trendy styles and daring. The news is good: plated extremes, ashes and fantasy colors will make the head of a lot of people in 2016. “In these cases, it is preferable to discolor the threads gradually through the technique of highlights,” believes Proença.


Regarding the need for touch-ups, the frequency varies. It all depends on how is the root. If it is dark, shaded, can be done within a range of time. “I 100% platinum and who colors the wires with lighter tones than the natural, especially redheads, need to visit the Salon every 20 days for root touch-up and maintenance of the color in the length and the tips,” warns the hairdresser.

In terms of treatment, to maintain healthy hair color, it is necessary, in addition to investing in specific products for home maintenance, punch in the salon on a regular basis. Reconstructions are great for restoring lost hair matter, while nutrition treatments are effective to give flexibility to the wires and balance the scalp. Moisturizing, in turn, return the shine and softness to the hair. The ideal is to evaluate, along to the professional, the option that best meets your needs.

Marcos Proenca Delivers the Main Trends of Hair Colors for 2016