Meet the MBA Queen’s University (Canada)

Meet the MBA Queen’s University (Canada)

If among your MBA options you are considering Canadian universities, one of the universities that you should review carefully is Queen’s University.

Queen’s is a public research university founded in 1841, and its MBA is consistently ranked among the best in Canada. In addition, it has the advantage of offering a program lasting one year.

Queen’s University is located in Kingston, a small town in Ontario, about an hour and a half away by car from Toronto and less than three hours from Montreal and Ottawa. It is also less than six hours from New York and Boston. Its location makes it an ideal place if, in addition to academic prestige, you are looking to live in a small city, but close enough to large metropolises. Kingston is also recognized as the best place to live and work if you are a young professional.

Meet the MBA Queen's University

Some advantages of the MBA at Queen’s University, Smith School of Business is the flexibility of its curriculum, which you can adapt to your professional goals.

The program is divided into two modules, during the first months the classes are intended to provide you with business fundamentals; In the following months, during the second module, you will be able to choose the classes that interest you the most and specialize in any of the following areas: Consulting, Finance, Marketing and Sales, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Health Administration, and General Administration. In addition, since the MBA lasts only one year, instead of two, like most MBAs, at the end of it, you can opt for a second master’s degree, in order to deepen your area of ​​specialization. This without having to invest more than two years in your academic preparation.

Likewise, during the program, you can start working on one of these prestigious certifications:

  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Health Executive (CHE)

Although the program is only one year, this does not mean that there are no options for internships as part of your academic experience. Aside from the opportunity to undertake an internship, Queen’s Business School has a very close relationship with Canadian corporate partners to provide job opportunities to its alumni and recent graduates. For example, last year, 95% of MBA graduates received a job offer at least six months after their graduation date.

The Smith School of Business MBA starts in January, not August like most MBAs. This is an advantage for those who start their admissions process out of time, and lose the opportunity to apply in the first or second round of universities that start classes in August.

Queen’s begins receiving applications in June; So if you want to start your graduate degree in January 2018, you are still on time to start your admission process.

TIP: Understanding the differences and advantages between different universities and programs, and establishing personal contact with representatives of the Admissions Committees will help you develop a stronger candidacy.

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