MUSC’s Reminiscence, Discovering Lesser-Known Female Fragrances. The Tested

I once had an essential oil of white musk that I fell in love for its aroma. Since then (and from the glass container broke) whenever I discover a fragrance with musk smell it carefully. MUSC of Reminiscence is my latest find.

It is not a novelty, it was created in 1970. But the French brand, Reminiscence, is not as well known by the Spanish public and is a pleasure to bring a perfume that does not carry around the world. The famous fragrance Patchouli is this same brand.

Olfactory pyramid

The musk and musk they are the same ingredient, recently Morthylla we spoke of this essential ingredient in perfumery. Gives name to this Eau de Toilette of the Floral musk type.

  • Notes: Ylang Ylang from the Comoros Islands, note white flower.
  • Heart notes: dusty and almendradas notes.
  • Background notes: cumin, amber and white musk.

The design of the bottle

Reminiscence is a company of jewelry and jewelry that created its catalogue of perfumes, as the vast majority of designers and creators today. The stars of the bottle is one of the favorite icons of the firm. The charms, for example, have that air naif transmitting the container, with the stars and celestial blue presentation box.

What I don’t get is the description that give fragrance as the contrast of ice and fire. In the photo above you can see the full range, from 50 ml and 100 ml. Eau de toilet (48 to 69 euros respectively), more the bottle of 200 ml. right.

My feeling

Output is extremely dusty and hot, the Ylang Ylang It pervades everything. And, unfortunately for me, also the note of white flower. It’s that I don’t like flowers such as jasmine and gardenia! Who apreciéis white flowers will fall in love with.

You will evolving into more warmth, the idea of fire Yes transmits it and the ice comes only with the background note. It has a mixed and interesting background, cold ice cream and tropical fire. Because the notes of white flowers and especially the Ylang Ylang reminiscent of tropical islands.

The Fund is not so dusty, lightens as they spend the minutes, much more appealing to me than the output. The musk recognise it but more sweet than that like the presence of the other ingredients. The fixing is very good, lasts long. Who of you knew this fragrance?