Nails Decorated for Debutante

Most teenagers dream of 15 years party, because this is a very special date. To make this day unforgettable, you need to pay attention to the details that make all the difference in a coming out party. For this reason, planning the party starts with a few months in advance for everything to be perfect. But in addition to the preparation of the party, the birthday girl also needs to decide other important details like the dress, shoes, hair,makeup and even nail decoration.

Nails decorated models for debutante

Just like any other important occasion, decorated fingernails to debutante, must be flawless, well sanitized and especially highlighting the beauty of the birthday boy. Nowadays, there is no rule to choose the nail decorated model for debutante, however, many girls prefer to opt for decoration following the style of the dress.

Decorated Nails course

Those who like the more traditional style can choose the famous francesinhas that never go out of fashion. But to make this technique more contemporary, the trick is to choose different colors and even invest in other details in the decoration, such as flowers, hearts, Rhinestones, among others. Another alternative for those who do not want to escape the traditional style, is betting on the drawings of flowers.However, if you are betting in that drawing, choose an option from the more creative that will help enhance your dress.

Nails decorated for debutante walkthrough

If you are looking for ideal of nails decorated for debutante, check out the following options of decorations for you to do at home.

Nails decorated with flowers

The flowers combine with almost all kinds of occasions, and is perfect for party of 15 years. There are various colors and types of flowers, from the most simple to the most elaborate. In choosing your template, remember to pay attention to the details of your dress. The following is a video that teaches you how to make a beautiful nail decoration with white flowers and lilac.

Nails decorated French

The Frenchie is a success with all sorts of women in various types of occasions. This technique that never goes out of style, it is also ideal for debs. It can be made very simply or accompanied by drawings.For this occasion, the flowers are always welcome. Here’s a video tutorial that shows step by step how to make nail decoration French model with flowers.

Heart decorated nails

For those who want to innovate in nails decorated for a debutante, a good tip is to choose the nails decorated with heart. In addition to modern, this type of drawing leaves the more romantic and at the same time fun. Watch the video below and make a beautiful and modern nail decoration with hearts for you to use in your party of 15 years.