Naomi Campbell Believes That The Models Size Zero Are Sick

I think that Naomi not let tempers against cool. His presence in the parade of Julien Macdonald raised controversy by the use of animal fur in the half of the designs of the British, who even went on to create a whole dress of chinchilla skin, but that some of his statements on the problem of anorexia in the fashion industry are more than explosive.

Ebony beauty has dared to say that the industry is not the guilty that some of the models suffer from problems of anorexia or bulimia, but that are the models who are ill due to psychological problems and they are not under pressure from the scene to be hairline.

Adding that It is a disease that should be taken into account such as alcoholism or drug addiction. The whole debate around the models size zero started a year ago when the Pasarela Cibeles, decided to veto the models that do not reach certain body mass as a bad example for girls and young women. Then followed Milan and river.

However, the controversy surrounding London Fashion Week reached the hot point when the British fashion Council decided not to veto, but recommended. And in this line the Campbell said he agreed with the Council that industry should help the models to overcome the problem and not let them look on the catwalk.

The Agency IMG, which belongs to Naomi, has established precise regulations on the power that their models had to follow to appear well fed and healthy on the catwalk.

The controversy continues and will continue. Naomi a recommendation, if you can’t say anything good, better not say anything.