New Zealand Grading System

New Zealand Grading System

The grading system at New Zealand universities is largely standardized . The universities usually award letter grades from A + to E, each of which covers certain percentage ranges.

Some universities in New Zealand do not use percentage ranges for their grading system, but differentiate between pass and fail with different grades. Pass applies to grades A + to C-. If the grade is lower, students fail.

Overview of the grading system at universities in New Zealand

Letter grade In percent GPA
A + 90-100 9
A. 85-89 8
A- 80-84 7
B + 75 – 79 6
B. 70-74 5
B- 65-69 4
C + 60-64 3
C. 55-59 2
C- 50-54 1
D (+/-) 40 – 49

Credit Points and Grade Point Average

New Zealand degrees are earned through a certain number of credit points . For example, the Bachelor’s degree requires at least 360 credits and, with the Bachelor of Honors or a longer standard period of study, 480 credits. According to the NZQF, a certain number of credits at a certain minimum level must be achieved on the level scale 1 to 10 in order to obtain the desired degree.

During her studies, collect student credit points by teaching graduate . Each course receives a certain number of credits according to the workload, usually at least 15 or a multiple of 15. In addition, students must choose courses each semester according to their level of study , from level 100 to 700.

The so-called Grade Point Average (GPA) is calculated from the grades of the courses taken and the credit points achieved using the formula: sum of grade (see percentage points) x credit / sum of all credits . The GPA represents the overall study performance and is uniformly rated by all universities in New Zealand.

The conversion of New Zealand credits into the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is 2: 1. That means 2 credits of a New Zealand course correspond to 1 ECTS . German students should therefore take around four courses in order to collect the same number of credits as in Germany.

New Zealand Grading System

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