Nicaragua Landmarks

Nicaragua Landmarks

Nicaragua is an interesting country where you can spend a wonderful vacation. Here you are not only welcome as a water sports enthusiast or bathing holidaymaker. The country has a large number of different attractions to offer.

A visit to the city of Leon can be interesting. So you should definitely visit the Catedral Metropolitana. The cathedral is one of the most important built churches in Central America. The foundation stone of the Catedral Metropolitana was laid in 1747. However, it took 78 years until the construction was finally completed. Since a lot of time was allowed for the construction, the interior is accordingly splendid. Inside the church there is a tabernacle with a height of 1.50 meters over and over set with precious stones. Also an ivory statue of Christ, the bronze figure of Christ from Esquipulas and the statues of the twelve apostles. The well-known Nicaraguan national poet Ruben Darion is buried at their feet.

Another sightseeing of the city is the Iglesia San Juan Bautista de Subtiava. According to a2zdirectory, the church was built there in 1520 before the city was founded. The sacred building has an impressive facade and one of the most beautiful altars from the colonial era. The inner walls of the church are decorated with expressive paintings of Indian motifs. The striking sun painting is particularly impressive.

Anyone who is already in Leon should also take a look at El Fortin. This is an old Somoza fortress in which you can still visit the former prison today. From here you also have a wonderful view of the city.

A visit to El Viente Uno Garrison is certainly also interesting. The building of the 21st garrison was destroyed, but you can still visit the ruins in a park today. In memory of the many Somoza victims there is the monument Combatiente Desconocido.

Nature lovers should check out the Reserva Natural Isla Juan Vedado. The island is a nature reserve and belongs to the administrative area of ​​Leon. There is an extremely diverse ecosystem to experience here, from migratory birds, reptiles to amphibians.

If you are on holiday in Nicaragua, you shouldn’t miss Managua, as the city has just as much to offer as Leon.

So you should definitely see the Nueva Catedrale in Managua. It has been completely rebuilt and has a somewhat strange concrete architecture. What was more bizarre, however, was the financing of the construction, and most of it was taken over by Tom Monogahan, the owner of the pizza chain.
Once you’ve looked at the new cathedral, you should also look at the old one. The old cathedral was built in 1929 and shortly afterwards destroyed by an earthquake. Almost fifty years later, the half-destroyed cathedral was almost completely destroyed by a second earthquake. But even today you can still admire some impressive frescoes and some still preserved angel sculptures.

A visit to the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura can certainly be interesting. In the museum you can see interesting collectibles from the pre-Columbian era. You can also see statues and petroglyps from the islands of Ometepe and Zapatera.

Granada is also worth a visit as there is a lot to see in the city. So you should look at the Parque central in the city. The square in Granada is surrounded by palm trees, fountains and benches. The wonderful picture is rounded off by historical buildings in the vicinity such as the cathedral or the Casa de Leones.
The latter building is also worth a visit. The magnificent mansion was named after the two lions depicted on its portals. The Casa de Leones was built by the first Spanish governor Juan Vaasquez Coronad. In 1720 the last governor had the building expanded. The Casa de Leones was almost destroyed by the pirate William Walker. Over the past few years, the building has been threatened with more and more decay. It was Ernesto Cardenale, an important poet of the country, and the German actor Dietmar Schönherr who ensured that the house was expanded into an international cultural center in 1987.

Also worth seeing is the Lago de Nicaragua. The lake has more than three hundred islands and is also called the freshwater sea by the locals. Fish live in the lake, such as tuna or sharks which normal white fish can only survive in salt water. Nicaragua’s largest island is also located in the lake.

It is also worth making a detour to Fortaleza de la Polvera. The fort was built in the 18th century and served as an ammunition depot for some time. Some time later it was a military base and finally a prison.

If you are traveling as a tourist in Nicaragua you should also visit the power station on the Momotombo volcano. It has 35 megawatts and was built directly at the foot of the Momotombo volcano. It is also fed by it, as the hot water – and also the steam supplies in the magma chambers – are fed to the turbines. Thirty percent of the total electricity demand in Nicaragua is covered by this power plant.

The El Castillo de la Inmacualada Concepcion in El Castillo is also worth seeing. It was built in 1675 by the Spaniards to protect against pirates and the British. Many buccaneers like Henry Morgan or Lord Horatio Nelson have tried their hand at the fortress, but had to go their way without having achieved anything. Some time ago the fortress was converted into a museum.

A visit to the two national parks Saslaya and Masaya is particularly recommended for nature lovers. Here you can experience a fantastic flora and fauna.

Other interesting sights in Nicaragua are the Archipielago Las Iseltas, Isla El Morro, Isla Ometepe and the Selva Negar.

Nicaragua Landmarks

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