Olivier Echaudemaison (Guerlain) and Laudomia Pucci Talk about Fashion and Makeup, Style and Luxury

A few days ago, circulating this video in which they are interviewing to Olivier Echaudemaison, Creative Director of Guerlain, and Laudomia Pucci, Image Director of Pucci. It has been made in the interior of the boutique Guerlain of the 68 Champs Elysées, a better place I can’t think.

Well, actually Yes. Near the sea, in a Cove off the Italian coast, under the Sun of Sardinia. The sea air of the summer holidays and the Print “Winter Capri” Pucci seen under a blue much deeper than expected is the inspiration of the Terra Azzurra collection, the makeup collection in limited edition summer 2012 introduced by my colleague Laura.

The idea is to represent the colors of the iconic print of the Italian fashion firm in a complete collection of makeup with those, in turn, iconic products and packagings of luxurious Guerlain. The powder compacts, brush, the labial lipglosses stain of indigo blue and coral. The best Ambassador of beauty, Natalia Vodianova.

Reviewing the questions that the Department of PR Guerlain France made to both creators on this launch, the most important for a blog of luxury and lifestyle as it is Embelezzia remained in the background and they seem very interesting. What responderíais you to the 2nd and 3rd question?

  • What it a splendid summer mean for you?

LP: A splendid summer is a summer in which the warm light of the Sun is mixed with the aromas of the Mediterranean, the leaves, flowers, sea… beating of the waves on the rocks.
OE: The warm sunlight on the tanned skin, the clear water of the Mediterranean Sea

  • What are your favorite colors for the summer of 2012?

LP: The deep blue and the acid green OE: color! Or all white! (that serves as framework to tanning). The colors are tonic, joyful and festive. We can not always abuse of color in the city, it seems that not sticks with the working environment, but on vacation, because we forget the daily routine.

  • What should and should not be in fashion and makeup this summer:
  • If you browse on a yacht

LP: enjoy! and above all no heels on board.
OE: I prefer Sandals to stilettos! And bet on the makeup to the Sun.

  • If found in a chalet with pool

LP: enjoy! And not stay only on the edge of the pool.
OE: Meals around the pool and evening cocktails require a pinch of studied sophistication. Or a too elaborate look (assumes that we are among friends), or a natural look too marked; a few splashes of color on the face “dressed up” and a few well-chosen Add-ons are chic and personality.

  • If you reside in a luxury hotel

LP: enjoy!
OE: in this case, it should be a little more “civilized”. We must “dress” at night! Other customers are not all our best friends and careless style is not correct! Therefore, to coordinate it with muslin or linen garments, face must be refined and subtle.

  • Do it the word luxury mean to you?

LP: Fresh air and silence, not to hear more noise than the waves…
OE: Increasingly less “cumbersome”, increasingly light and subtle: the materials, the color palette; the attitude, that elegance that used to be called the “chic”. The appearance should no longer be striking. Today, luxury is practically invisible: tranquility, space, time.