Palm Jabal Ali and Khor Fakkan, United Arab Emirates

Palm Jabal Ali and Khor Fakkan, United Arab Emirates

Palm Jabal Ali

According to simplyyellowpages, Palm Jabal Ali is one of three artificial Palm Islands located in the waters of the Persian Gulf off the coast of Dubai. Unlike the fully completed Palm Jumeirah, located 30 km to the east, Jabal Ali at the end of 2021 is an unfinished project, and frozen to the heap. When and if the work is completed, it should become even more impressive and ambitious than the first palm tree: there are plans to open a bunch of hotels, entertainment centers, parks and more on the island.

How to get to Palm Jabal Ali

Until the island is ready, you can get to it from Dubai either by taxi directly to the place, or to the nearest Jabel Ali metro station and call a car from there. A metro ride costs from 4 to 8.50 AED depending on the distance. A single taxi ride will cost 10 AED. The prices on the page are for September 2021.


There are no hotels on Palm Jabal Ali yet, but tourists often settle near this “palm”. The cost of a double room in a 3 * hotel next door is from 400 AED, for accommodation in the “five” they will ask from 1200 AED per day. If you drive a little further, there are cheaper options, where the price for a three-ruble note starts from 250 AED per day.

The most popular place in the surroundings is the Jebel Ali area. This is an industrial, port part of the city, which in recent years has been actively built up with hotel complexes. This is largely facilitated by the prospects for the development of Palm Jabal Ali and the neighboring coastal alluvium Dubai Waterfront.

Shopping at Palm Jabal Ali

Again, there are no shopping centers on Palm Jabal Ali – the island is not finished yet. But there are many opportunities for shopping “on the coast”: The Outlet Village and Grand Mini Mall are considered the most famous malls. This is not counting the many souvenir shops, specialty shops and boutiques.


Palm Jabal Ali has a (not too inventive) shape of a trunk with branches and is surrounded by a crescent-shaped breakwater. When construction work began in 2009, it was planned to build thousands of bungalows and villas on stilts on the coastal line, and in the main part to place hotels, restaurants and more.

The emphasis here is on holidays with children – 4 large amusement parks are planned on the palm tree, which were supposed to open in 2021.

But in 2011, construction work was stopped due to low demand for future real estate, and three years later, 74 owners of the “palm tree” went to court with the country’s government about the deadlocked project. Whether the plan will be completed is still unclear; In 2018, Sanjay Manchanda, CEO of Nakheel management company, said there were no plans to resume construction any time soon.

Khor Fakkan

The name of the small resort town “Khor-Fakkan” is translated from Arabic as “The Bay of Two Jaws” – it is located between two mountain capes in a picturesque bay.

Among tourists, this one of the young resorts of Fujairah is not yet particularly popular, and in vain. Yes, there is no vibrant nightlife and chic restaurants hung with Michelin stars, but there is silence, mountains, beautiful deserted beaches, calm seas and a diverse underwater world. The latter is increasingly attracting divers and fishermen here.

A taxi from Khor Fakkan to the airport can cost up to Dh40.


Coral colonies grow in the coastal waters of Khor Fakkan and a lot of cold-blooded things swim, from fish to stingrays. In wide shallow waters, you can swim with a mask to your heart’s content, and for more “adult” diving, you should hire a boat and move 5-7 km from the coast, where marine life is more interesting.

Most of the standing dive sites are located near the Oceanic Hotel, a 15-20 minute boat ride. For example, it is worth diving at the Martini rock, covered with multi-colored soft corals (depth from 3 to 19 meters). There is a lion fish, a beautiful cuttlefish, a scorpion fish and others. Other popular dive sites include Shark Island, Car Graveyard artificial reef north of Khor Fakkan, Three Rocks, Spuppy Island with a shallow depth of 3 to 7 meters, Dibba Island and the Underwater Cave of the World Chasm.

Entertainment and attractions of Khor Fakkan

The main attractions of Khor Fakkan are under water. The local coastal waters are rich in corals, where many fish live, as well as turtles, stingrays and other pretty marine life from time to time.

The town has many natural beauties: mountain landscapes, golden sandy beaches, palm groves and strawberry plantations. Particularly picturesque is Shark Island, which looks like a shark fin from afar and is known for its magnificent views.

As for historical and cultural attractions, there are few of them in Khor Fakkan. In the mountains, the Al-Rifaysa dam, built to collect flood waters, has been preserved – one of the few sources of fresh water in these parts. Well, the main local attraction is the Palace of the Ruler (aka the White Palace), located on top of a cliff.

Khor Fakkan, United Arab Emirates

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