Park County, Wyoming Demographics

Park County, Wyoming Demographics

Park County, Wyoming is located in the Northwestern region of the state, bordering Montana and South Dakota. It is part of the Big Horn Basin, with most of its terrain consisting of high plains and mountain valleys. The county has a total area of 4,927 square miles, making it the second largest county in Wyoming. The highest point in Park County is on Thorofare Mountain at an elevation of 11,764 feet above sea level.

The climate in Park County is semi-arid with cold winters and hot summers. Average temperatures range from -20 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months. Annual precipitation averages about 15 inches per year, with most occurring between April and October. Snowfall typically begins in November and can last until April or May.

As of 2019, Park County has a population estimated at 28,034 people living mostly in small towns and rural areas. About 82% are White non-Hispanic residents while Native Americans make up 8% of the population. Other ethnicities include Hispanic or Latino (3%), Black (2%), Asian (1%) and other races (4%). The median household income for Park County is $48,809 per year while 22% live below poverty level. The largest city in Park County is Cody which serves as the county seat with a population estimated at 9,717 people as of 2019.

Park County, Wyoming

Economy of Park County, Wyoming

Park County, Wyoming has a diverse economy that is largely reliant on agriculture, tourism and energy production. Agriculture is the largest industry in the county, with cattle and sheep ranching being the main sources of income. Wheat, hay, barley and sugar beets are also grown in Park County, with much of the produce being sold to other parts of Wyoming or exported out of state. Tourism is a major contributor to the economy as well, with visitors coming to experience the area’s natural beauty and numerous outdoor activities.

The energy sector is another important component of Park County’s economy. Oil and gas production are both significant industries in the county, with several oil rigs located throughout Park County. The county also has several wind farms that generate electricity for local residents. Other sources of energy include hydroelectric power from local dams as well as solar energy from photovoltaic cells located on private land.

The unemployment rate for Park County was 3% in 2019 which is lower than both Wyoming’s state average (4%) and national average (3.7%). The median household income for Park County is $48,809 per year while 22% live below poverty level. Major employers in the county include oil companies such as Halliburton Energy Services, Inc., tourism companies such as Yellowstone National Park Lodges and educational institutions such as Northwest College in Powell. The government sector also provides employment opportunities in Park County through various federal agencies including the Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service.

Libraries in Park County, Wyoming

According to babyinger, Park County, Wyoming is home to several public libraries that serve the county’s residents and visitors. The Park County Library System consists of five branch libraries located in Cody, Powell, Meeteetse, Clark and Garland. These branch libraries offer a wide variety of services including books, magazines, newspapers, audio-visual materials, research assistance and computer access. The library system also offers programs such as storytimes for children and book clubs for adults.

The Cody Library is the largest library in Park County with over 60,000 volumes available for checkout. It also offers classes on topics such as genealogy research and computer skills. The Powell Library has over 30,000 volumes available for checkout and provides access to computers with Internet connection. The Meeteetse Library has over 10,000 volumes available for checkout as well as a museum section dedicated to local history. The Clark Library and Garland Library both offer a wide variety of materials with over 5,000 volumes each available for checkout.

In addition to the five public libraries in Park County there are also several school district libraries located throughout the county which provide resources to students attending local schools. There are also two college libraries located at Northwest College in Powell which provide resources to students enrolled at the college as well as members of the local community who wish to use their services.

Park County Libraries provide an invaluable service to local residents by providing access to books and other resources that are not available elsewhere in the county or region. Through these resources individuals can gain knowledge about their community’s past and present while also expanding their own personal knowledge base through reading books or accessing online databases.

Landmarks in Park County, Wyoming

According to A2zdirectory, Park County, Wyoming is home to several beautiful and iconic landmarks that attract visitors from around the world. One of the most well-known landmarks in Park County is the Buffalo Bill Center of the West located in Cody. This museum and library complex was founded in 1917 and houses five museums that tell the story of America’s western heritage. Visitors can explore exhibits on Native American culture, firearms, art, natural history and more.

Another iconic landmark in Park County is Old Trail Town located near Cody. This collection of historic buildings includes a blacksmith shop, saloon, schoolhouse and more than two dozen other structures dating back to the late 1800s. The town also contains artifacts from historical figures such as Buffalo Bill Cody, Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok.

Just west of Cody lies Heart Mountain which rises 8,123 feet above sea level offering stunning views of the surrounding area. The peak is part of the Bighorn Mountains range and was named after its heart-shaped summit when viewed from certain angles. The mountain offers excellent hiking opportunities with trails leading to alpine lakes as well as to scenic overlooks along its summit ridge.

The Shoshone Canyon is another popular landmark located just north of Cody. This majestic canyon stretches over twenty miles along the Shoshone River offering stunning views of its red sandstone walls and lush vegetation along its banks. Visitors can explore this canyon by foot or by rafting down its gentle rapids for an unforgettable experience in nature’s beauty.

Park County also features several national parks including Yellowstone National Park which lies on the northern border of the county offering visitors a chance to explore one of America’s greatest natural wonders with its geysers, hot springs and wildlife viewing opportunities galore. Grand Teton National Park just south of Yellowstone offers breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks rising above tranquil alpine lakes as well as a variety of recreational activities such as camping, hiking and fishing for visitors to enjoy year round.

From majestic mountains to historic sites Park County has something for everyone looking to explore Wyoming’s unique landscapes and vibrant past. Whether you are looking for scenic hikes or educational experiences there are plenty of landmarks throughout this region sure to captivate any visitor who comes through these remarkable lands.

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