PIVOINE Flora, Novelty in Perfumery L’Occitane for Spring-Summer 2011. The Tested

Cristina for sweeping

With the arrival of spring the perfumery brands launch their news. One of them is PIVOINE Flora of L’Occitane, which I have been able to prove its version eau de parfum. The name in Spanish of the flower of the new fragrance is Peony, a beautiful flower of Asian origin.

The more poetic version of the Peony is one ancient legend over it:

On the Mediterranean shores, a legend the nymph Peony was so courted by the gods who, dam of jealousy, a goddess transformed it into a thousand-petal Flower: Peony…

I love these legends. If you know the history that inspired the fragrance, the gesture of perfume you takes larger.

Pivoine Flora olfactory pyramid

Nothing more attractive to a new fragrance that Discover new olfactory notes. With the notes of the olfactory pyramid You can see if your nose has recognized the ingredients that make it:

  • Notes: Bergamot, grapefruit and green notes.
  • Heart notes: Peony, Magnolia and violet.
  • Background notes: Vanilla, cedar and musk.

I imagine that the freshness of this fragrance so distinctly floral is it due to the citrus and green notes next to the Cedar Fund. Hard that it left a cloying.

My feeling

Because it is not for nothing the sweet floral fragrance that I expected. Of course include the flowers but the sparkling touch bergamot and bitter grapefruit acidity they give it an unexpected freshness. ES floral and fresh at the same time, perfect for use now that it begins summer heat.

The output is intense but not offend the nose. If you are not much of flowers and more flowers, maybe that is the llevarais to taste. When pass the minutes Gets a little warmer (for vanilla, violet and musk) but retains the refreshing touch. Its persistence is good and the bottle is convenient to use.

The range

One of the products that we most appreciate the love of scents and cosmetics are the scented bath products. PIVOINE Flora is launched in Eau de toilette and Eau de Parfum more the body (milk and cream) and bath gel. There is also a small tube of hand cream and a jaboncito flower.

The packaging and advertising image are as nice as we have used this brand of French products. I keep my display box to save my hair accessories.