Want to enhance the care of the hairs? You’re in the right place!

Bet of the time, the pre-shampoo prepares the hair to receive other products for the bathroom. Soon, obviously, it should be used before common wash. “The two main types are the Scrubs to the scalp, which have detoxifying assets that clean deeply and remove the greasiness, and nutrition, formulated with concentrated ingredients to treat the hairs,” explains Deborah Blackbird Studio hairstylist W Iguatemi (SP).

Ideally, according to Abdul-Wahab, Director of the Brazilian Society of hair (SP), is to apply the product with their hair still dry. “Let the Act for 15 minutes and rinse in the shower for, then give following the ritual of cleaning and treatment,” teaches.

Both experts warn that the pre-shampoo does not replace the use of common shampoo and any other cosmetic. “It’s just an item to add to your hair care routine,” says Deborah Blackbird. Bet on it every 15 days.

And All Can Use?

Yes, the pre-shampoo is suitable for any type of hair. “However, the allergic should always check the product label if it contains some ingredient that can lead to complications,” concludes Abdul-Wahab.

  1. Detox Pre-Shampoo Peeling, Bio Extratus, R$ 50. The apricot seed exfoliate the scalp gently, unclogging the hair follicles and aiding in the healthy growth of the wires.
  2. Hydro-Pre-Cauterization Anti-Waste Shampoo, Pantene, $ 15. Repairs and shields the locks against the oxidative minerals, removes wastes and impurities and oiliness.
  3. Ekos Murumuru Folder Pre-Shampoo, $ 28. With murumuru butter and rich in protein, penetrates the inside of the hair fiber, increases the thickness of the wire and the conditions, reducing 28% of the damage.
  4. Pre-Argiloterapia Native SPA Shampoo, O Boticário, $ 22. Removes oils and impurities without irritating the scalp.
  5. Detox Protein Pre-Shampoo, Sewing, R$ 38. Combines jambu and amino acid complex, which strengthens the wires, return essential nutrients and shields hair against aggression.
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