Professional nail gel from the nail Studio 

Nail gel can make professional looking nails from nail Studio easily at home yourself. Own, creative nail design ideas can be implemented easily. In the meantime, there are a number of different products, which differ in their application and their properties. You all make a gorgeous nail design that holds up to three weeks. Distinction is made between nail gel to cure under UV light and gel products that cure without UV light.

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Cure nail gel under a UV lamp

Acrylic nails in the nail salon are cured under a UV lamp. Such nails for several weeks, they are stable and high gloss. Exactly such nails can be made now at home me with the DIY nail sets. There are different nail gels for home use. With the transparent acrylic gels, the nail plate is amplified and if required also extended. Colored gel nail polish in many current trend colors set hardly limits of creativity. The nail design is hardened under a small lamp in a few minutes and is durable up to three weeks. The products can be individually or be ordered as a set, also the corresponding UV lamp is available.

Cure gel nails without UV lamp

Even easier, gel nails are designed with the new products from some manufacturers, just have to dry. A UV lamp to cure the nails is not necessary. This resin varnishes are fast drying and splinter-resistant, they are also friendly to the nail as products for UV curing. This nail gel like a normal Nail Polish will be applied. There are transparent and colored paints in many beautiful colors to choose from. Nail coatings that harden without UV light are easier to use, but they are not quite so durable. Depending on the product, the nail gel holds one to two weeks. Please note: gel nail polish is available from different manufacturers, it is however advisable to combine only products of a series. Because the products are different in their composition and are usually not with products of other brands can be mixed. In the application, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Professional Nail Gels for Beginners and Experienced Nail Technicians
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