{Review} Misslyn Grunge Princess LE

Casual, cool AND sexy, so the new Misslyn collection Grunge Princess comes. It combines the grunge style with a portion of glamor. And who does not know the grunge? So for me, this sounds right after leaving Converse, greasy hair, nirvana in dark cellar discos and fat kajal around the eyes. We were 14 and life did not make sense. Nonsense, it was not so bad, but the look and the clothes were definitely like that!

That Misslyn has now put together an LE, I find exciting. Only about my co blogger job I am really on this brand attention and they like me very well! The colors of the Grunge Princess LE come with dark bordeaux tones and various gray and black nuances, which should give the make-up the grunge look with a touch of sex appeal. Dark lips are to be kissed and the nails may also fall out somewhat more covered.

I think it is great that Misslyn gave me the choice of the products, which I then tried very enthusiastically. Once again logical for me, nail polish! But I also want to put myself to the test and something from the feel-good zone tear, therefore, both lipsticks were also written to the wish list. I was really curious!

First of all, the nail polish, I love experimenting with different colors. However, because I lack the ease to paint great motifs completely, the nail stickers are exactly the solution from Healthinclude!

From the LE I have the nail varnish no. 11F – edgy and No. 223 – urban chic and the Nailsticker no. 6 – grunge. If only then already! As a basis for the Nailsticker I have the Misslyn Lack no.90 Snow White. The stickers can be easily transferred to the nail with a damp cotton pad. As a tip from me: let the varnish either dry for a long time or add your design only the next day with the stickers. And do not forget the overcoat! I missed it and the slides were unfortunately already gone. I will definitely buy Nailsticker.

Lipstick! I’m just not a lipstick girl. On the one hand, I do quite hard with the right application and always have the feeling that my lips tend to deform rather than form. If the color is there, where it should be, then I always have such an inflatable lip, at any rate I feel it so. Lipgloss I wear already very much, but also more in nude tones or then but rather like a Pfegestift, which is easily offset with colored pigments.

Here I wear the No 131-authentic signature as shown on the first picture. I liked this color very well right away! Unfortunately, I think it just does not fit so well to me. The first reaction of my friend confirms this also a pity that the plum is not so good, he was my favorite at first sight.

Much better has fallen to us both. 109 – liplover. A dark red, which is very dramatic, but I would also wear it for the day. Then do not stop in the office, but definitely for a picnic or strolling in the city. I would also storm a party

The other remaining Grunge Princess products, which I can not imagine to myself, but nevertheless not withheld, now follow by picture.

At the Grunge Princess LE I like the colors best! The summer is over and the cheerful colors are now giving way to the slightly darker tones. For me due to the season and the next visit to the favorite underground disco to bounce to the offspring through the crowds or sing loudly at Smells like Teen Spirit. In the end, Miss Xtravaganz has introduced the LE, so if it is not, she will visit her [Review & Look] Misslyn-Grunge Princess Limited Edition and be amazed. She has conjured up such a wonderful and expressive make-up. I was speechless!

In my internet search for this post I stumbled over a contest, directly from Misslyn. So you can try your luck and win this LE! Also times good or? Does your Grunge Princess already know?


Schminkeckchen: Misslyn "Grunge Princess" LE (Review)

Schminkeckchen: Misslyn "Grunge Princess" LE (Review)

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{review} Misslyn Grunge Princess LE

{review} Misslyn Grunge Princess LE

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[Review & Look] Misslyn – Grunge Princess Limited Edition …

[Review & Look] Misslyn – Grunge Princess Limited Edition ...

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