After the tattoos for hair, rainbow hair and even hair gray, the newest sets for your hair is. .. glitter on roots. Will face?

In fact, the idea is not so new as well. Miley Cyrus, you don’t usually have afraid to dare in costume, paraded around with the root of the hair full of glitter, and it was there in August. Looks like it took a few months for the crowd join once the trend, but from what we’ve seen on Instagram, everything indicates that the cool is now very glitter at the root.

As well as the necklace, which came back with everything in 2016, the glitter in her hair has its origins in the years 90, of course. Did you ever think that this can be a great trick of beauty where it does not make time spent in the Salon for retouching the roots?

Although the visual look, shall we say, a bit artistic, he is super easy to make. All you need is enough glitter, certainly in some corner of the house you find a jar and hair gel. Mix the two and, with your fingers or a brush, apply the combination in your hair.

At first thinking glitter in your hair can cause certain estrangement. But between you and me: the pictures below the result was so cool that you can want to try.

Roots with Glitter: New Hair Craze. Take or Not Take?