Safe Make-Up that Preserves the Health Of Eyes

There are gestures and products that can harm the your vision. Know, therefore,what are the care and the mistakes to avoid next time you put on her face.


Women love makeup and point out the good points of the face, as may be the case of the eyes. Mask, eyeliner, eyeliner pencil and shadows are all make-up products that delight. However, become more beautiful does not exclude the need to take account of certain essential care to avoid potential problems in terms of eye health. To guide you to achieve further, we would like to remind you what you can’t (even) forget whenever uses this type of products:


Throw away the make-up for eyes when they’re past the expiration date or immediately after developing an infection.


Never share makeup for eyes and avoid try products in stores.


Have a product at a time and tell your doctor if you notice any reaction.


Do not apply the mask in a moving vehicle or try to separate your lashes with sharp objects.


If you have a tendency to dry eyes and, especially, if you wear contact lenses, avoid products such as powders and glitters, since they are common causes of irritation or infection.


Remove makeup before going to bed, especially the mask. Use two cotton swabs clean and pass them from the base to the ends of the eyelashes.


To remove the makeup, avoid contact of the product with the eyes.


Was subject to an operation, do not use makeup before the ophthalmologist.