Semi – Permanent Gels for Nails: New Colors and Brands

If you regularly tweak manicure stress and takes up too much time, why not avoid this problem by choosing a permanent Gel? By purchasing the appropriate kit, you’ll have at home all you need for perfect nails, bright and strong.

Currently there are kits with everything you need for DIY reconstruction nails.

We must therefore adopt a Uv lamp dries and solidifies the gel making it durable, genuine gel (clear, colored or colored already), and top coat and follow the instructions for applying the gel soak off gel.

But only the most glamorous colors for this 2013 and what brands of semi-permanent gels that should rely on?

We have selected 8 beautiful shades of gel suitable for every occasion:

  • the Office
  • shopping
  • the elegant night

These types of products can be purchased at authorized dealers, as some Nail Art centres, or over the internet.

Semipermanent Layla: 2013

Layla, the renowned brand of nail care and Nail Art, it offers a huge palette of colors. Layla’s shop, where you can buy all its products is located in Via Larga in Milan. You will find the Nail polish gel even in many perfumes on Foodezine.

  1. A beautiful color gel semi-permanent which created Layla is theNocturnal Blue, deep and elegant, suitable for all kinds of complexion, but especially for that clear.
  2. Even theDollar Greenwood of Layla, is a very bright green army whose yield is great with long nails and squared.

Semi permanent color Creative: 2013

Semi-permanent gels including bestsellers include those of Whimsical, partly because its products are a great value.

  1. Very fashionable for thisWhimsical Yellow Amalfi in2013 is youthful and casual, color, suitable for informal situations like a happy hour with friends. Perfect to wear with jeans and chunky sweaters.
  2. Color more impish (yet seen on the hands of many celebrity this year) is theWhimsical Purple DJ a bright color and seductive suitable for a confident woman.

Semipermanent Shellac 2013

Shellac, one of the first brands to propose the semi-permanent, creates some beautiful shades of pink including:

The pink Shellac Tuttifrutti, young and sporty, that has now moved into color must bear with a medium-dark-toned formal clothing such as black blazer.

Semi permanent Quicklac 2013

Quicklac offers an innovative system of permanent gel that dries with Uv lamp in just 2 minutes, and then a breeze to apply at home.

Among its most glamorous red there is light red, almost Orange, like Mango-colored Quicklac, bright color, intriguing, to take on medium-long nails;

the British Green of Quicklac, a rakish green to take on short nails, because according to the fashion of this year, the Green just can’t miss on your hands.